Scootering to MyPoP

By Louis the Scooterer Reminder of what MyPoP is, it’s not “my plate of popcorn”, it’s… MY Piece of Paradise. Before I forget, let me show a few pics of my favourite transports from way back.. I show only 6 here coz there are more than 40 favourites already in 6 chapters written elsewhere. Lancia […]

Scooterer Stories – Part One – Introduction

Scooterer Stories By Louis the Scooterer Part One – Introduction The travels of Louis the Scooterer, a retired former South African who has found an unusual way of getting to know Israel. This whole “travel idea” began, because of “those people” who told me that I’m crazy to “drive in Israel”! That was when I […]

Italians invade U.S. – Scooters are back!

By Jeffrey the Barak In September 2000, in the United Kingdom, there was a nationwide fuel shortage. The roads fell silent as cars and trucks sat around with their engines in hibernation. However, the British public were already used to gasoline which cost as much as wine, so thousands of them were able to continue […]