Genes, Gender, Generation and Geography

  By Sigmund Shonholtz. GENES, GENDER, GENERATION, AND GEOGRAPHY… A coincidentalist’s perspective on Earthlinging. Every now and again, I have a conversation with someone that catches my attention and gets me wondering. As I see it, if a conversation is worth starting, it is worth investing in, because I never know where it will take me. […]

The consequences of the befriending of bees.

By Sigmund Shonholtz   It happened a few months ago, I noticed some dead bees on my patio, odd I thought but then I went on with my day. A few days later I noticed some bees in the corner congregating around, buzzing it up and what have you. Finally I realized that a family […]

Artie. It wasn’t about Big Bands, it was about The Big Bang.

Artie Shaw passed away on December 30, 2004, at age 94. Sigmund Shonholtz, his friend in later life, spoke at the funeral, and his well-received words on that day were almost exactly as written below. By Sigmund Shonholtz My friendship with Artie Shaw began over a business transaction about eight years ago. He had answered […]