Louis gets smoked out. A nation of black lungs.

By Louis the Scooterer I don’t want to..BUT, Maybe move away from MyPoP Well the story about the women walkers is something like this. A large factory from way down south, sends women workers from all departments in a couple of buses to spend a couple of nights and a few days at a beautiful […]

Visiting, coffeeing, chatting and seeing at MyPoP

By Louis the Scooterer As I said in my previous post, I go to MyPoP (almost) every morning and spend a couple of hours, and have found my favourite spot, where I place a chair under a big umbrella together with the bright orange color low settees and a low table…(I prefer a higher chair […]

This day at MyPoP (My Piece of Paradise)

By Louis the Scooterer Dear Readers, Maybe you already know that I live in Netanya, Israel, a coastal city on the Mediterranean, and that my transport is a scooter (usually 50cc). Since I arrived on 1 Nov 1999, I have found and visited many coffeeshops at the square and in the city, and coffeeshops in […]