College Dance and the “Real World”

By Natalie Walters. If you’ve hung out with a Senior in college lately, you’ve probably witnessed a least one breakdown or “freak-out”  about something along the lines of entering the vicious job competition underprepared and moneyless. If you’re hearing this from a Dance major, then they’re also worrying whether their body is pretty enough, strong enough,…… Continue reading College Dance and the “Real World”

The Ballerina Interviews

By Kim Knode Published March 2004 Sven Toorvald’s life and his PBS documentary, The Ballerina Interviews, give an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the ballet world. Filmmaking is Sven’s passion. First and foremost, however, Sven is a danseur. Ballet “mesmerized” Sven at age fifteen. He signed up for classes at a local studio after seeing the…… Continue reading The Ballerina Interviews

Part Four of The Essential Imagination Series

Living Other Lives Part Four of the Essential Imagination Series by Leda Meredith Photo by Tom Caravaglia, of Leda Meredith and Michael Jahoda in Jennifer Muller’s ‘The Spotted Owl’ This is the article that inspired my quest to bring Leda Meredith to the-vu Jeffrey the Barak, Publisher. Stepping onto the stage, I am living two…… Continue reading Part Four of The Essential Imagination Series

Part Two of The Essential Imagination Series

Detail and Nuance by Leda Meredith photo: Tom Caravaglia Make believe No, not fantasy, but truly how to make someone believe. How to make an audience suspend disbelief in what they are witnessing long enough to be moved by what they have seen and to think about it for years afterward. What do you remember…… Continue reading Part Two of The Essential Imagination Series