An American Diary from Mexico – Episode 10

Tango Magic in Oaxaca By Cherie Magnus Imagine a large leafy square with fountains and huge trees, surrounded on four sides by the colorful arcades of ancient colonial buildings. Imagine the kiss of a chocolate scented breeze on your skin. Imagine a concert band playing a classical concert with elderly couples rising casually from their […]

An American Diary from Mexico – Episode 8

Corpus Christi in San Miguel By Cherie Magnus My first day back in San Miguel de Allende after three weeks, I ran around doing errands, unpacking, organizing, but I wasn’t too busy to notice the hanging of red and gold satin and velvet banners from balconies along the main streets. Thinking a weekend fiesta was […]

An American Diary from Mexico – Episode 5

Not All Mariachis and Margaritas By Cherie Magnus Many people come to San Miguel de Allende for a vacation and end up buying a house. Folks fall in love with this place, ardently, illogically, hopelessly. It’s that kind of town. I decided to move to San Miguel, a colonial city of 50,000 in the heart […]

An American Diary from Mexico – Episode 3

Auto Mexico By Cherie Magnus After a mind-expanding long day with ghosts, pyramids, and mysterious ancient art in Teotihuacan, our little tour group cruise along the Autopista with just two hours to go before hitting San Miguel de Allende and home. Gene, an archeologist from the University of Texas, Jaime, our Mexican guide/driver, and me, […]

An American Diary from Mexico – Episode 2

Heart of Fire By Cherie Magnus Dear Ones Back Home, When I searched the Internet last summer for a San Miguel apartment, I only had five requirements–reasonable price, quiet, accepts Phoebe the Cat, no more than a fifteen minute walk into town, and a wood-burning fireplace. I soon found one which had everything on my […]

An American Diary from Mexico – Episode 1

Mexico, Christmas Milagros, and Me By Cherie Magnus Well I made it! After leaving work and selling my furniture as so many have done before me, Phoebe the Cat and I arrived in San Miguel de Allende to begin a new life. It had been a difficult time these past three months, having garage sales, […]

La Salsa Cubana Experience

By Cherie Magnus These days ladies alone do pretty well anywhere in the world they travel. The world has gotten used to women on their own in airports and hotels due to business traveling, and more recently, vacationing. I’ve traveled alone in many countries and I wholeheartedly recommend it for those decisive independents who don’t […]