Lorna Brown, Skate of the Art

By Jeffrey the Barak. An artist is an artist, so it is not unusual to find someone who is known for one type of art, to be prolific in another, or another two or three. In this case, the same mind that creates art through movement of a human on ice, has also produced paintings, jewelry…… Continue reading Lorna Brown, Skate of the Art

Dancing on the Beach

By Karen Little. I’m a very private person, especially when it comes to doing something in public that is seemingly foolish. And what I regard as foolish is showing off my body in any way, dress, or motion in which it isn’t reasonable to be shown. I will not, for example, trot down my neighborhood…… Continue reading Dancing on the Beach

College Dance and the “Real World”

By Natalie Walters. If you’ve hung out with a Senior in college lately, you’ve probably witnessed a least one breakdown or “freak-out”  about something along the lines of entering the vicious job competition underprepared and moneyless. If you’re hearing this from a Dance major, then they’re also worrying whether their body is pretty enough, strong enough,…… Continue reading College Dance and the “Real World”

Why bother with an audience?

By Leda Meredith. “Why have an audience? Why not just create your art for art’s sake and dance it in, say, your living room?” That’s one of the first questions I ask students in my choreography classes. The initial answers always focus on what the audience does for the dancer/choreographer: The audience creates performance adrenalin, provides…… Continue reading Why bother with an audience?

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The Urban Tango Phenomenon Explained

An interview with Makela Brizuela, by Jeffrey the Barak. In 2006, a very different dance performance was first presented in Venice California. Entitled “URBAN TANGO, The Agony and Ecstasy of Amateur Tango – In Search of the Elusive Embrace”, it was different in many ways and attracted the attention of many in the dance community.…… Continue reading The Urban Tango Phenomenon Explained

The Ballerina Interviews

By Kim Knode Published March 2004 Sven Toorvald’s life and his PBS documentary, The Ballerina Interviews, give an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the ballet world. Filmmaking is Sven’s passion. First and foremost, however, Sven is a danseur. Ballet “mesmerized” Sven at age fifteen. He signed up for classes at a local studio after seeing the…… Continue reading The Ballerina Interviews

Drunk on Tango in Argentina

By Kim Knode Award-winning filmmaker, Adam Boucher declares, “I like to make documentaries like Tango: The Obsession as a discovery process which I can share with the audience.” Apparently audiences take pleasure in exploring subjects such as tango in Argentina together with Boucher. After a showing at the Smithsonian Institute in 1999, the Argentine Embassy…… Continue reading Drunk on Tango in Argentina

Tango in the Twilight

By Kim Knode At a recent Southern California United States Amateur Ballroom Dancers (USABDA) competition (held at the Glendale Civic Auditorium), I caught up with Dr. James Kleinrath.  The good doctor, a retired dentist, is the reigning three-time National Senior Smooth Champion along with his dance partner and love of four years, Melody Singleton. (They…… Continue reading Tango in the Twilight

La Salsa Cubana Experience

Cast of the bar at the Buena Vista show (created by Toby Gough and Jon Lee) during a photo shoot in Havana.

By Cherie Magnus These days ladies alone do pretty well anywhere in the world they travel. The world has gotten used to women on their own in airports and hotels due to business traveling, and more recently, vacationing. I’ve traveled alone in many countries and I wholeheartedly recommend it for those decisive independents who don’t…… Continue reading La Salsa Cubana Experience

Ron Montez and Dan Radler

The Coast-to-Coast Meeting of the Champion Minds: Ron Montez and Dan Radler By Kim Knode Just So Stories author and Nobel Laureate in Literature Rudyard Kipling says,  “East is East, West is West and never the twain shall meet.”  However, when it comes to the how-tos of garnering championship titles in DanceSport, two top American…… Continue reading Ron Montez and Dan Radler

A visit to the home of Ron Montez

Living and Dancing in San Diego with the Champions A visit to the home of Ron Montez By Kim Knode America is most familiar with Ron Montez as the co-host of the popular PBS series, Championship Ballroom Dancing. In the international DanceSport (ballroom dancing) community, the seven-time U.S. Latin champion is not just a handsome…… Continue reading A visit to the home of Ron Montez

Making It Your Own

By Leda Meredith Joni Petre-Scholz & Abdul Rasheed in Patrelle’s ‘The Yorkville Nutcracker’. Photo Credit: Eduardo Patino Here is a scene that any dancer would recognize: You are in a studio with a mirror, barres around the walls, a stereo system, a TV and VCR. There is an opening night coming up, and you don’t…… Continue reading Making It Your Own

For Love Or Money

By Leda Meredith “If you care so much about the money, you must not care about your art.” That astonishing statement was made by the executive director of a dance company with whom I was about to embark on a six week tour. It was in response to a question I’d asked about when we…… Continue reading For Love Or Money

Part Four of The Essential Imagination Series

Living Other Lives Part Four of the Essential Imagination Series by Leda Meredith Photo by Tom Caravaglia, of Leda Meredith and Michael Jahoda in Jennifer Muller’s ‘The Spotted Owl’ This is the article that inspired my quest to bring Leda Meredith to the-vu Jeffrey the Barak, Publisher. Stepping onto the stage, I am living two…… Continue reading Part Four of The Essential Imagination Series

Part Three of The Essential Imagination Series

Make Believe By Leda Meredith Photo by Eduardo Patino of Leda Meredith in Francis Patrelle’s ‘Macbeth’ Several years ago I was coaching a young dancer in a dramatic role and I asked what her interpretation of the character was. She looked at me with utter confusion and then described the mood of the entire ballet.…… Continue reading Part Three of The Essential Imagination Series

Part Two of The Essential Imagination Series

Detail and Nuance by Leda Meredith photo: Tom Caravaglia Make believe No, not fantasy, but truly how to make someone believe. How to make an audience suspend disbelief in what they are witnessing long enough to be moved by what they have seen and to think about it for years afterward. What do you remember…… Continue reading Part Two of The Essential Imagination Series

Part One of The Essential Imagination Series

Essential Imagination By Leda Meredith “It’s just your imagination.” Was there ever a more detrimental thing to say to a child, especially a child who may someday wish to be a performer? Think about it: the computer screen you are looking at would not exist if someone hadn’t imagined it first. The design of the…… Continue reading Part One of The Essential Imagination Series

Lynne Taylor-Corbett – the-vu from the top of the castle

The Seven Deadly Sins Rehearsal Choreography by Lynne Taylor-Corbett New York City Ballet 1/13/11 Credit photo: ??Paul Kolnik paul@paulkolnik.com nyc 212-362-7778

A July 2000 Interview with SWING Choreographer/Director, Lynne Taylor-Corbett By Kim Knode Seated among the rows of celebrity caricature portraits at the renowned Sardis Restaurant in New York City, two-time Tony nominated, SWING Choreographer/Director, Lynne Taylor-Corbett explains, “like a baseball player getting out of the ghetto, dance was my way out.” She began her journey…… Continue reading Lynne Taylor-Corbett – the-vu from the top of the castle

Solo Tango in Buenos Aires

By Cherie Magnus It’s just before dawn, and our small group of Argentines and Americans are tired and filled with reverie after a night of tango. We’re drooped over cafes con leche on an old wooden table in a run-down nineteenth-century coffee shop. The large party over by the dark windows also look like they’ve…… Continue reading Solo Tango in Buenos Aires