December 6, 2019

Mad about M.A.D.


By Jeffrey the Barak.

M.A.D. mandible advancement device.

I have to admit that I was, and possibly still am, a bit of a snorer. When you get older, or fatter, the tendency to snore increases. It is not only inconsiderate to the person who sleeps next to you, and possibly also your neighbors, but snoring can be quite harmful to your overall health.

One solution is to wear an appliance, that molds to your upper and lower teeth, and holds the lower teeth forward of the the upper teeth. This advancement of the mandible opens up the airway at the back of the mouth and stops the vibration that we hear as a snore.

Yes, it works, and do-it-yourself heat-molded devices are readily available on the Internet, making it an affordable solution to nighttime strife.

However, as I have just found out, it can end up costing a lot of money. In my case, the tendency for the the mandible (lower jaw) to want to return to it’s natural position, combined with the tendency to bit down hard into it, combine to cause the central lower teeth to start to move forward and outward.

Over time, the gaps increase and then eventually the bite is compromised when the lower teeth end up right below the uppers, instead of inside and behind. This is slow and gradual, and then you realize what has happened.

And so you are now faced with the challenge of re-aligning your teeth.

In my case the solution was $5,000 and a commitment of several months to persevere though a course of Invisalign treatment.

So, if you snore, consider any other way to reduce your issue. Any other way than the wearing of a M.A.D. One alternative is a suction device that holds the end of your tongue and keeps it in front of your teeth. Perhaps over time this could also pull all of your teeth back, but I don’t think so, because you simply cannot grind when your tongue is between your teeth.

I have to say a $5,000 bill will make you mad about M.A.D.

One thought on “Mad about M.A.D.

  1. My husband loudly snores when he turns on his right side or on his back. We more or less solved the problem by telling him that if he didn’t fix the problem, I would kill him. When he told me it was unfair to wake him when he snored, I told him that his sleep was not my problem, but my lack of sleep because of his problem was … And oh, I would kill him.

    I found that a person can snore even if their jaws were wired shut and that it is the tilt of the head that can bring it on. If the head tilts back with chin out, no snoring. If the chin tucks in, even with jaws tinge, snoring.

    For the most part, my husband jMs a pillow under his chin to force his head back and that works. When it doesn’t, I wake him up and insist he switch to his left side.

    I have also found that a cool room with good air flow (fans) helps . . .

    . . . And if none of that worked, I would have killed him by now.

    Good luck, Jeffry. Stay out of the obits.

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