December 13, 2019

You can’t keep me away from MyPoP

By Louis the Scooterer.


You can’t keep me away from MyPoP, coz I wont allow a beautiful place..on the beach, to just go away..even if some smokers spoils it.

Only in reality I havent been able to go for a couple of weeks as I had a tiny fall-off from my scooter and have been stuck indoors for quite a few days..the scooter is unscratched ..but I grazed my knee which is real painful, and I guess I will need to do little walking until that smaller than 2inch diameter scrape heals somewhat. I even cancelled my free birthday breakfast at MyPoP..will have to wait another year.


There are times when smokers are minimal and the wind in my favour as was the other day..a beaut of a day the beginning of summer type day..lots of people on the beach.. which is always kept clean and lots of people in the open air restaurant.. already quite a few bikini clad bodies looking for the sun..


and the service from pretty waitresses remains good so I was able to sit n stare at the Med Sea.. and think back a bit… about earlier days as well.. when I was a young fellow in Johannesburg..

A specific series of thoughts came into my mind about some of the buildings in the “downtown Jhb” where I had visited many entertainment venues as well as having done glass replacements and fitted mirrors in many of the buildings..and some of these places had discos and lounges and had parties every night for unattached people looking for company..and some of these places also in popular Hillbrow and Berea adjoining downtown Jhb on north side… were magic..great views from some of the balconies..


you saw down the main street at the traffic and everyone coming or going was in my vision… many great hours and many great meals and coffee and cake as well..Benny often played the piano in lounge of popular Cafe Zurich.

The spotlessly clean General Hospital was a few corners away in most beautifully kept gardens.

Recently I was sent pictures of what some of these building look like now..depressing the way things turned out and so many buildings turned into squatter camps ??

apartmentsberea hillbrowthesandshotel02

so I wont dwell on that, while surely is lovely to watch the waves and the sea in front of me.

I remembered having owned beautiful cars and some were convertibles,< flavia1xxjpg >< paris4667jpg > and in mid 1950’s and 1960’s I could park my convertible anyplace, as well as my scooter and I knew it would not be interfered with…even parked my convertible one evening outside the City Hall in Johannesburg, and went to watch a concert..and the traffic officer in charge said he would keep an eye on it.. turned out to be Gerhardt who was in the citizen-force with me (several years earlier)..and I never recognised him with his new full thick mustache and his smart uniform.

flaviaconv1xx imgp4667

Unfortunately that easy going lifestyle changed over the years and currently I wouldn’t attempt to own any smart looking car..even the drab looking cars have a short life in Johburg.. as for the radio thieves..they are everywhere. Always plenty to write about those “olden days”..

The bus to town was one corner up from where I lived..and the tram to town was 2 corners down the road. After starting to work at an early age..”taken from school” by an uncle who gave me a good job in a timber yard / hardware store business, and after a short while I bought a bicycle and cycled to work..didnt matter if it was best route was on flat roads and was a pleasant 20 minute ride.
Never was a great deal of traffic and every ride was okay..until the day a guy in his Jeep station wagon, rode into me from the back..virtually destroying the bike..lucky I was not really hurt..he apologised and loaded the bike into his jeep and took it to the local bicycle shop close to where I worked, and he told the man to repair it..and he promptly vanished..

At the end of the second day the bike guy called me and said the frame is too badly damaged and not worth repairing and I should get a new bicycle ..but the guy with the jeep refused to pay…anything.

SO, a few days later, my father..a not big guy, and one of his poker playing friends ..a not small guy..paid the Jeep guy a quick visit.. and the jeep guy paid the full amount for the new bike which even had a few gears..but I knew that my “cycling to work” days were almost back to the tram to go to work and back to the bus to come home…

until the day I walked past the used car dealer that recently opened a few blocks “up the road” and saw that re-built 2 seater car on an MG chassis, which after a short while became mine…and funny enough even a whole bunch of new girls became my passenger..suddenly I was a lot more popular than before ??..and memories came flooding back.. and all the waitresses of today, are exactly like the girls of those way back times…

so right now i sit and patiently wait for the scrape to heal.. so I can get-going again.


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6 thoughts on “You can’t keep me away from MyPoP

  1. hey lou
    don’t be offended by me , but this one is much better than the rest . it’s the far land you are writing about makes the difference to me . it allows us to have a peek on a lovely stage of one’s life that obviously still flickering in your mind .


  2. Lou,sorry to hear you missed your birthday,so do you remain the same age for another year, if so a little scrape is a big thing. Nice reflective story,all those wonderful places to visit and revisit.Scoot again soon…

  3. Mihdy,

    wow its great that you cant stay away from these stories.

    YOU are responsible for some very interesting hilites on my visits to Pekiin…soon I will write about some of those.

    Please stay in touch, and when nearby, call me to drink coffee together.



  4. Hey Russ,

    Marvellous idea to “hold over” the year..I’m happier without these scrapes.

    Stay in touch.



  5. Know how you feel, Lou. I took a little spill on my machine a while ago and scraped a knee and bumped some ribs. It was quite painful for a while. I was only doing less than 5 mph in my own driveway! Got back on tho and kept riding. I’m sure you will too. Weather here is getting better and hope to get out on the “scoot” soon.

    Be careful.


  6. Earle hi,

    I hope you are well and fully recovered.

    My little scrape is taking a long slow recovery…
    but sure it will…also the bruises..are going slowly.

    In the meantime, everything is uncomfortable and with some pain, and the weather with heatwaves is also a factor..

    Best, and thanks,


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