December 5, 2019

Scooterer Stories, Part Sixteen – Around the Sea of Galilee

By Louis the Scooterer.

“Round and around the Sea of Galilee we go”!

Good morning all. Don’t leave anything behind. We ain’t comin’ back to Kare Deshe.


Route decided… lets go.. early start..have packed breakfast..lets go watch sunrise from Syrian plateau ?? On the way I will let you walk for a few minutes on the newly made pavement, passed the pink Greek Church


and I’ll pick you up at Capernaum gate


Gamla will not be open so early but from a high view we watch the sunrise in the east.. and in the west we see the colors sunrays on the cliffs inside . Gamla, and if we are lucky we may see some eagles flying..


We will make a quick visit to a special friend at his home on a moshav..I’ll tell you a little about that.

Way back on one of my first trips staying at KD I heard about a “mountain-bike event”, and tried to get some info.. I didn’t manage to get any start-times, routes, finish line and places the bikes would be at. By chance the next morning, on my very early morning scoot, looking for sunrise I saw a small bright green cardboard sign on a pole with a sketch of a bicycle ..that sign slightly reopened my interest in the event.


I learned the event begins and ends at a venue ON one of many beaches on west side at I followed the sign and soon found a man with a van with a trailer-full of mountain bikes that he rents on the beaches…he was not connected to any event, but did point me to where he thought the cyclists would be.

After some time n scootin’ around and asking several people I still could not get proper information, so I decided I will simply ride around and maybe by fluke I would get to see some of the bikes.

WHAT a weird coincidence I scooted slowly, on the main road, I noticed on my right, several bikes heading down the track and close to me at the side of the road ..behind a fence, they were waiting permission to “cross the road”…


and I noticed a man had stopped the traffic to let the cyclists get to the other side. Not a busy road at that time, so I pulled up next to this fellow and asked him “is this the mountainbike event”? ..he looked at me on my scooter, and his reply was “I know you” !…

what ! you know me ? huh !

We spoke a while and he told me where the event ends with a ride on the water edge


to a beach..some kms. down the road..there was no problem, and I was allowed to follow the cycles, exept there were some big water pipes and concrete drains that I could not cross..easy for the cyclists


..they simply lifted their bike and walked across the pipe. My scooter couldnt get across these pipes so I began the ride back to the road (about 15 minutes) then back to find the end of the event ??..but there are several beaches, and at each beach there were some mountain-bike happenings with barbeques and picnics, and many people, and I could not find him.

A relative of Albert’s, (known to me) had told him casually some years earlier that “one day” Lou will relocate to Israel..and who knows..maybe we will meet.

Another mutual friend visited Albert once and I would say everyone forgot about ..until he stopped me to allow the cycles to cross the road. A couple of his teenage sons were riding bikes and Albert’s job was to see they cross the road safely.

Albert had also seen a picture of me on my scooter in an insert magazine (more than a year earlier).. that is in every Friday Jerusalem Post..and he kept the article which included my fone number.

Eventually we connected and I visited at his home on Givat Yoav..a lovely moshav dealing mainly in dairy, and also has entertainment for visitors


and his taking me around to every interesting spot on the moshav with full explanations.. and nearby places as well.

I have visited several times with scooter, and in rain season in rented car..and when Albert has reason to be in Netanya..we meet..and always talk about that incredible meeting.

So now we have to leave after our quickvisit and head on beautiful scenic road towards the Kinerret, where many places on the beach entice us. Some are simple beaches with trees and benches and tables where people will always be picnicking..and also luxury Kibbutz Hotels that draw visitors from everywhere in the world.

We will take a short walk along the waters edge a while at


and take a cold drink from the kiosk. We will also drink a coffee in luxury, at HA’ON Kibbuts and walk about in the gardens..maybe we will be able to see their ostrich farm.

Then make a quick visit to the date factory/shop at Kinerret buy dates and honey and other delicacies..(you remember we visited the baptism site the other day?)..this factory shop is just up the road.)

We will take a ride into Tiberias and see some ancient sites at the waterfront and see the movie about “Galilee Experience”, and take a bite at one of the restaurants¬† in the center of Tiberias.


Then another quick visit, this time to Dona Gracia Hotel but only a quick walk-about coz you aleady know all about that place…(earlier chapter). We will drive past Mayouhas Youth Hostel where I have stayed a few times…no easy parking so we wont visit.

I”ll show you 3 hotel buildings that were abandoned

triptib272829mar04035 triptib272829mar04037


and other sites as well.. and stop a while at ADI viewpoint to take pics


We then head to Tiberias Illit (upper Tiberias) and find our way into to Switzerland Forest,


a beautiful drive with breathtaking views


and many lovely spots to sit around and picnic..


( no kiosks or stalls here).. and then at south end of this drive, we will find our hostel at Poriya…for a one night stay.

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8 thoughts on “Scooterer Stories, Part Sixteen – Around the Sea of Galilee

  1. Lou,
    Your fantastic photographs and vivid descriptions of special parts of the Holy Land make one, as usual, want to get immediately on a bike, scooter, roller skates or any kind of wheels and immediately go there, hopefully to enjoy it all as much as you did.
    Keep writing!

  2. Ruth hi,
    Thanks for “finding” this travel series, and following.
    In upcoming chapters will be at Mediterranean and will follow that Sea to many interesting places..quite incredible.
    A “tragedy” for me was the loss of thousands of my pictures..happened when a “computer technician” ?? deleted in error.
    Maybe I will try a few meters on roller skates..keep watching this space.

  3. Somehow I just can’t picture you on roller skates, Lou. Great article. We just had some more snow/blizzard/cold. Makes me once again wish I were there. I did check out the volunteering for the military there. Very interesting. Who knows, someday…..
    Keep up the good work


  4. Earl hi,

    I’m hoping that winter is on the way out..wasn’t enough rain, but late snows on Mt Hermon are keeping the skiiers busy.

    I just rememberd that way way back, I loved ice-skating..never cared for roller skates.

    Good that you read about more and read often..surely you will “do” a program.



  5. Hi Lou,

    Thanks for sharing another adventure….another trip….pictures….and stories of a land one only hears about! You’re one lucky fella!


  6. Dusty Shalom,

    Keep reading until you decide one day to visit here. Much to see..even if only a short trip.
    I listen / watch often to your music gift.

    Todah raba,


  7. lou
    it’s me again , an enjoyable reading indeed .
    by the way the youth hostel in tiberia doesn’t exist anymore .

  8. Mihdy hi..

    This is a great surprise. I’m glad you follow me, and for your comment.
    I always stay at Kare Deshe hostel and a few times at Poria…
    I havent been to youth hostel IN Tiveria for a few years..
    there are too many difficult steps to climb.

    Soon I hope to visit you at Pekiin

    Stay well and thanks.


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