December 11, 2019

To MyPoP but not for a “packet of peanuts”

By Louis the Scooterer

MyPoP here I come, and as I leave my driveway I see the giant advertising boards for the new highrise
being built next door being offloaded and stacked against the old broken down metal wall

Oh dear…then the usual hair-raising couple of kms to MyPoP with never a moment without a bad driver near me .. that is.. either in front of me or behind me or coming toward me..BUT in this instance she drove out of her driveway into the traffic without a second glance.

Lucky for me that I “second glance” for every driver in my vision so I’m glad to say I’m still alive and arrived sit and watch the sea and drink a quiet coffee.

A few times I have met young folk who are hikers and walkers, who walk across Israel on a specially made route called “Israel Track”… that begins in the far north and winds across mountain trails and tracks and some places have proper tar roads built (but not for vehicles.)

I have scooted several kilometers at different places on the Israel Track, and have even walked a few kms at a few places. The young people carry all provisions and everything they need in heavy backpacks and go.

Mostly they take a few days to do the full trip. But more will do the trip in short portions and take whatever time it takes. Also older people will do a short section every weekend and after a few weeks they may complete the track.

A very lovely idea and in certain areas there are places to light fires for barbeque and playgrounds for young children…and many kms are through beautiful countryside next to a river or in the valleys or a rough track in the mountains or in the desert.

The several hikerwalkers that I have chatted all told me interesting stories and most carry maps and follow the colored tiny flags painted on rocks and poles and special posts. Soon I will venture to do a longer walk at a section that I have not seen before.

One young chap told me about the “Israel Track Angels”..certain families who live on or very near the track and have a separate room or outside veranda, will invite hikers to “stay-over”..and provide a small fridge with milk and cheeses, and kettle, coffee tea etc.

Often they travel hike in small groups with understanding that if one needs to slow down..then the others must continue…and then the straggler can stop the hike and wait for a bus somewhere ..or call a family member or friend to collect.

A few days ago, one young fellow hiking alone after a disagreement popped into the supermarket up the road where I was shopping ..we spoke for a few minutes ..then he froze..he couldnt find his celphone..and halfheartedly “unpacked” part of his backpackbag, pulled out some stuff and was preparing to walk back about 8 kms where he last used the phone.. I begged (instructed) him to calm down and empty everything and sure enough he found the fone which had tucked itself inside the plastic cover of his big diary..(he then called me “the Israel Track Supermarket Angel).

(I was first told about this track about 40 years ago when I was friendly with a young Johannesburg fellow (Eric) who made aliya and did the track..and when he visited S.A. later he described casually his experiences…at that time it had no meaning for me at all.)

Each person I speak about it tell me of their experiences…including the 3 seniors all in their eighties who do a few kms each Saturday..taken to a spot and fetched a few hours later a bit down the track.

So on the ride home I only dodged out of harms way, at least 10 times and near my apt a female driver in a new SUV did not stop at stop sign and almost ran me down..this time I have a picture on my computer and also the entrance gate where she parks “her horrible hateful dark color big ugly SUV”..(watch this space !)

And outside my building some of the signs were in place.

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4 thoughts on “To MyPoP but not for a “packet of peanuts”

  1. Russ in Calif.
    Stay reading at the-vu for my pics and birds-eye view of wherever ??
    You too, take care on your 2 wheeler…and enjoy.

  2. Lou, nice story as usual. I especially liked the bits about Israel track. Some bits I have heard from you (and I have seen little parts of the track at Netanya) but others were new for me, like the Israel Track Angels. And of course, the Israel Track Supermarket Angel 🙂

  3. Kedar..gee its nice hearing from you here at the-vu.
    Keep following coz you will recognize many places in paragraphs in future chapters.
    You should also mention your most favourite place that you visited while on your travels in rented car with me. I would love to drive and travel with you again at some future time.

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