December 11, 2019

Scootering to MyPoP

By Louis the Scooterer

Reminder of what MyPoP is, it’s not “my plate of popcorn”, it’s… MY Piece of Paradise.

Before I forget, let me show a few pics of my favourite transports from way back.. I show only 6 here coz there are more than 40 favourites already in 6 chapters written elsewhere.

Lancia Fulvia my all-time favourite 2 door sport coupe.

Lancia Flavia 2000 my favourite 4 door sedan…here you can see front and back.

Lancia Flavia 1800 another favourite

My Honda motorcycle to ride through the fields to get to the my horse.

My first Vespa scooter

My first car, an MG-TC chassis and engine with custom bodywork.

On my route to MyPoP there is a very bad stretch of badly maintained tarmac on this dangerous curve. The curve I have written about where so many female drivers have decided to speed-up at that point to overtake me on my scooter..simply to get in matter-what!

SO..the story:- Many years ago I was riding all around Netanya on my bicycle (yes my 2 wheeler pedal Trek bike,) and I decided to “go-a-little-further” than usual, so I rode on my bike passing that curve, and when the road became a slight uphill I pushed the bicycle while looking at the sea.

A man who was climbing up the dunes towards the road arrived at the spot where I decided to stop-n-stare at the view. He asked me (in slow English ) why I was pushing my bike on the wrong side of the road ?..when I told him that I loved looking at the sea..he invited me to his home across the road to drink coffee and chat.

I, at that time knew no Hebrew and his English was very low as we sat down on the veranda overlooking the Med., and Avraham fetched his Hebrew/English dictionary and we began communicating..slowly…and carefully, and we became friends.

I visited often and was always invited to stay and drink a coffee or eat a meal with them..or go with to a picnic in the dunes where Avraham proved to be an excellent chef and organiser of picnics..usually attended by his adult children and some young grandchildren.

OKAY..a few days ago he told me this story..about the road that passes his and several other houses..carrying heavy traffic of buses, trucks, cars motorbikes and whatever..many large vehicles change gears outside his bedroom window..and many drive at high speed, and honk horns, and at times park illegally on the side of this narrow neighbourhood road to walk down to the beach below..and for many years they approached the authorities with no hope.

Recently the court ruled in favour of the neighbourhood and determined that the “curve section” of about 150 meters was an “illegal through-road”, and should be re-designed to be a new short section which would arrive at the Highway #2..through an undeveloped field.. and no longer passing those homes a little higher up.

A few changes would need to be made re-siting a few bus-stops..

and closing the illegal section completely…at that curve.

I would surely welcome the demise of that dangerous badly maintained curve..and take the new short-cut to a point where the existing road will again become a “quiet-neighbourhood-road”.DO-IT-PLEASE before I become an old ager scooterer using my scooter to scoot from the lounge to the dining room in some retirement place.??

I took a short scoot to take pics but was a holiday and altho heavy traffic on highways, there were few trucks and hardly any big buses around..what did amaze me is the amount of high priced large SUVs of every make ..but thats another story written elsewhere.

D, who is another “do-everything-man” at MyPoP also made time to explain to me about “rainclouds” and pointed to what I saw as beautiful clear blue sky. He explained that the area between the sea in the horizon and the high white clouds.. are “clouds holding water”.. and if the wind remains blowing in from the sea..then rain would fall a few hours later. I could see no difference at that time.. (it was about 2-00p.m.) and I went home.

Certainly the wind did not change, and later it became dark then darker and then heavy rain fell..WOW he got-it-right..(now I can see what he meant !).. well done D. Surely you will give me lessons about other “things”, and a BIG thank-you.

I never take my laptop to MyPoP, so please, leave comment OR email me

6 thoughts on “Scootering to MyPoP

  1. okay, i want a lancia coupe, i’ll have a grey one please. no wait – do they make blue ones? kinda light blue? sky blue?

  2. mj.. Lancia have good taste..bad luck tho’., the only one I give away as a gift is golden black, kinda light black ? sky black ?…and has already been given.

  3. mj, does ooogggh noooooo ! ! ! ! mean..
    that you will accept the sky black Lancia coupe ?
    the one that has already been given !

  4. D, when will there be snow..OR a flash-flood ? for you to take me in your Niva 4×4 small jeep.
    I will wait patiently.

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