December 5, 2019

Visiting, coffeeing, chatting and seeing at MyPoP

By Louis the Scooterer

As I said in my previous post, I go to MyPoP (almost) every morning and spend a couple of hours, and have found my favourite spot, where I place a chair under a big umbrella together with the bright orange color low settees and a low table…(I prefer a higher chair becoz when my knee stiffens a little, I am able to stand up easily and take a stretch !)

Without turning my head much..I can see the sea and beach, the full length of the terrace restaurant, which has many different types of tables n chairs n lounging chairs n stools and can seat more than 120 bums, and shaded by large umbrellas. I can see the bar n kitchen, and the round building which is undergoing renovations. Behind me is also the beach n sea n fairly big carpark and of course…cliffs, and the drive leading up to the main carpark and the road.

So my short stories are not gonna be as a diary, and not in chronological order.. I will tell some things that may have happened a few hours ago..or some observations from a while back…and even some reminiscing about wayback.

When I make the effort to find conversation, I simply approach a person, a couple, or a group..I casually ask “do you speak English?”..and the answer is usually “YES” or “a leetle”, and usually when I say “I speak Hebrew a leetle”..then there are many smiles, and we are already “friends”, and conversation flows.

The current owners are a group of mainly young men in their thirties, all constantly on the go and with little time to sit around talking to this scooterer, but they often give a few seconds chat, and amazing what info comes to me from just a few seconds chat.

“Event makers” large and small are often bustling around preparing for “a reception” to take place..mostly in the carpark, which is transformed to become a beautiful setting, with many tables covered with tablecloths and wineglasses and whatever goes onto a dinner table. Most of these events will begin before the sun goes down and the sunsets are magnificent. They always arrive in their big trucks and offload a great variety of “things” and set about their planning.These fellows and even some young women will carry furniture, and push loads of flowers and move bar-counters and clean-up..also will settle down to fold napkins (serviettes) and place them in glasses. Certainly never a dull moment.

I do not often travel around on scooter after dark, especially on roads that are not lit is the last few hundred meters leading to MyPoP, so I cannot describe any actual event..(yet..I plan to do just that !)..what I can say is that “after the event” everything is taken down..and an empty carpark is what I find when I arrive, in the morning.

Okay enough descriptions for this writing….see you at MyPoP.
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4 thoughts on “Visiting, coffeeing, chatting and seeing at MyPoP

  1. Hi Lou,

    Sorry to be so long in checking out the link you sent me. I have to say I’ve never heard of the-vu before so thanks for the introduction.

    The pictures were a delight, as always. You really do scoot around from place to place don’t you? *grin*

    Be safe!

  2. Hi Lou,

    I have to echo the comment by “Dusty”. I like your new format. I just returned from a week in northern Illinois at my High School Grad class 50th reunion. Had a great time. I wanted to ride my scooter from Wyoming but my wife put the nix on that. She would be worried sick and I didn’t want to do that to her. I put about 2500 miles on the car so it would have been an awful long ride. Can’t figure out why all the classmates look so old. LOL! I’ll have to send a couple of pics. I know what you mean about not riding at nite. I am getting cataracts and the headlights are murder!
    Be careful

  3. Dusty hi,

    Hey I’m glad you found me..and keep returning …and watch this space !

    Another new Hebrew word for you = le’cha’yech = to smile.

    Stay in touch and thanks for compliments.


  4. Hey Earl in Wyoming..
    great to read you..
    and as soon as your EYE guy gives the okay then have te cataracts removed..
    its simple and after you will see life clearly and in technicolor..

    Yes, send pics….and thanks…..LOU.

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