December 5, 2019

This day at MyPoP (My Piece of Paradise)

By Louis the Scooterer

Dear Readers,

Maybe you already know that I live in Netanya, Israel, a coastal city on the Mediterranean, and that my transport is a scooter (usually 50cc).

Since I arrived on 1 Nov 1999, I have found and visited many coffeeshops at the square and in the city, and coffeeshops in all areas of Netanya, for my “daily” cup o coffee, and perhaps find a person to chat with.

Over the years, many places have changed as I have changed, and for whatever time I patronised a place, that was always rewarding, until it was time for me to move along to another.

I always spoke favourably about all the different venues I coffeed at, even those that eventually chased me away.. by allowing smokers to stink-the-place-out.. Even the outdoor venues smell continously of smoke and tobacco, and my intelligence also tells me thats why many flies are also around all those places!

Since I re-found my current PoP, I will share with you some of what I and my camera see, and experience at this magic place.

The neighborhood is called Tsuky Yam (Cliff Sea), on north end of Netanya and is a few minutes scoot, and I breath fresh air and smell the sea, and although smokers do come there, mostly that does not bother me as the fresh breeze always blows the smoke away, and flies are rare.

I will gladly answer any questions you would care to leave in “comments”, or feel free to email me

So for now, enjoy the pictures and I will continue with short stories. Almost every morning I scoot to MyPoP, and stay for a couple of hours, which always fly away. And never a dull moment at MyPoP! this space!
Lou at MyPoP

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