November 19, 2019

The next chapter at MyPoP

By Louis the Scooterer

Before I get going on my scooter, to MyPoP, let me show you a couple of pics. The sea view I had, where I lived at the previous address..was a small studio with balcony…magnificent views of beach and promenade, and always much to see.

My current apartment on the other side of “town”, where I can see some sea..and 90 meters of the promenade. (3 pics from previous studio balcony, ….and 1 sunset from (current) apartment window.)

So the pics I took the other evening at MyPoP of the “finished place”..was spectacular at the least..unique setting…I was told its a wedding ..120 guests..about 40 persons attending to the guests..and cost roughly a leg and an arm ?..and the hubbub of workers and organisers was incredible !

The next morning it was just an empty parking-lot..and a clean-up delux…I couldn’t believe what gets thrown in the garbage skips..good pieces of carpeting and floor coverings, one tall table with a broken leg..many meters of useable cloth and other things.

In passing, I mentioned to M..who works at MyPoP as a “do-everything-man,”.. that earlier in the morning I had seen at the showroom where I bought my current scooter, an ATV with same name as Ice Cream that is sold at the counter…

This great story was told to me by M.. was that an uncle of his was planning a party to celebrate his 65th birthday, and uncle casually mentioned that a longtime desire was to have a drive on an ATV…SO, M got the ball rolling and began gathering moss, and all sorts of manipulations were handled, and many friends and relatives collected enough money to buy a good used ATV.. and on the night of the the busiest the food was being served..M drove this ATV thru the garden, and placed it in front of the “birthday man”..can you imagine??

I have had many short chats with most of the waiters and waitresses..and other temporary staff, and the partners..(several stories will come about from those chats)…but they all have work to do, while I watch the waves and can relax quietly, in a beautiful clean place..also watching some mermaids and others..its just such a shame that so many of those people are smokers…but thats another story.

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2 thoughts on “The next chapter at MyPoP

  1. You know I want to love Louis and his stories, and I enjoyed his interesting travelogues from Israel, but there is really nothing happening at this beach cafe. Is something important going to happen soon?

  2. Thatch..Thanks for your compliments, and I’m glad you enjoy.
    The scooterer is in motion and I ride slowly at I gather speed lots will happen. The stories are taking shape, so return often.
    Also “travels around Israel” will continue…soon.

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