December 11, 2019

Scooterer Stories – Part Eight – Be’er Sheva

Scooterer Stories
By Louis the Scooterer

The travels of Louis the Scooterer, a retired former South African who has found an unusual way of getting to know Israel.

Part Eight – Beer Sheva

We leave Arad on 31, and pass Arad Park and Tel Arad, and after travelling past several Bedouin areas and also seeing many camels on side of the road, we take a short detour into MEITAR, but my friends were not at home, so, I rode around a beautiful big park, and saw nice villas and homes with gardens, and after a while I rode out through tree line boulevard to the main road.

A quick ride through Omer neighbourhood that has many sculptures, new sports fields and much general development, and a unique industrial site with many sculptures. Then a visit to Tel Be’er Sheva archeological sites that has much uphill climbing and good views.

I did not visit the village of TEL SHEVA, but later I learned that many important festivities and celebrations happen there. (See google for interesting events).

I have been to Beer Sheva several times, and every time I find much of interest. My main HIGHLIGHT is the Airforce Museum just on north end, and that needs at least 1/2 day, with much to see, including videos inside a giant plane turned into a “cinema”, and many guided tours with explanations about the different aircraft. Also many good brochures are available.

In the center of Be’er Sheva I saw through the corner of my eye, a most unusual shape building, being (NACE) College of Engineering, where I was taken on a personal guided tour by the vice principal who gave many interesting explanations. Also needs time to look carefully at many pictures that represent optical illusions. I sat a while in quiet surroundings, inside the building and also in the gardens.

There is a large industrial area with large supermakets and stores of all types, and also many coffee shops and excellent eating places.

A few very interesting monuments are around the city and should plan to visit them all for a few minutes to take pictures. There are many small parks with benches in the shade, but dont spend too much time just sitting around.

I have also been a couple of times by train to Be’er Sheva, to spend many hours in the “Old City” and when I choose to stay over, I always spend nights at IYHA, ( Israel Youth Hostel Assoc.) An excellent information department is at Abrahams Well ( a must visit),where interesting videos are shown about the areas, and take brochures. I say its a good idea is to leave the car in the car park and walk to the Bedouin open market, OR walk to the “Old City”, or to the market (souk).

Thursday is BEDOUIN OPEN MARKET day, a “must see”, so anyone planning to visit should try to do on Thursday. I repeat there is much to see in Be’er Sheva, and also take a drive through the new developments, and see spectacular high rise apartments surrounded by beautiful parks and childrens playgrounds, right next to old historical buildings and old mosques and old railway station buildings.
Not to forget a visit to the new developments on east side of Be’er Sheva. There are also many small “memorial parks” and dont be shy to ask the locals some questions about anything unusual you may see.

Of course you will visit the municipal offices in the center of the city to obtain a map, then take a coffee at one of the many coffee shops in the new open air walking mall, where many official offices and departments are situated…dont forget good walking shoes and your camera.

Louis the Scooterer is 69 years old and it sounds like he’s just getting started.

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