December 11, 2019

Scooterer Stories – Part One – Introduction

Scooterer Stories
By Louis the Scooterer

Part One – Introduction

The travels of Louis the Scooterer, a retired former South African who has found an unusual way of getting to know Israel.

This whole “travel idea” began, because of “those people” who told me that I’m crazy to “drive in Israel”! That was when I first arrived on Aliya, on 31st October, 1999. So my mission, or my “mishugass”, is that I want to drive on every road and visit every place, where permitted, on my scooter. Every direction, NEWS, or North. East. West and South, plus, during the rainy-season continue in a cheap-rent-car.

Most of my trips are spontaneous, and a few have been planned, and its ongoing and going-on and must never end. I live in Netanya and ride all around Israel on a scooter, and have some interesting numbers to play with. I am One single male, riding a two-wheeled scooter for four years I have been to four seas, Kinneret, Med, Red and Dead. And now the numbers jump. I have traveled sixty five thousand kilometers, on a 50 cc scooter, now on my sixth scooter. I reckon I take two minutes to ride one kilometer so I’ve sat on the saddle for a hundred and thirty thousand minutes and each minute I’ve seen at least two nice things.

So that’s about two hundred and sixty thousand nice things. Has anybody out there seen two hundred and sixty thousand nice things lately? However a question of numerics arises; about a thousand birds flying, is that one thing or a thousand things? Or a herd of a hundred Camels, one or a hundred things? I have been to hundreds of places, spoken to thousands of people, and add to this the millions of experiences….

I have been on all-sorts of roads from excellent highways to back roads, sand roads and tracks. I have seen hundreds of good petrol-stations, many with coffee-shops, and little supermarkets attached. I have seen thousands of good drivers, yes and a few bad ones as well. By the way, more than twelve other scooter riders have said they want to ride with me, but none have as yet ! So, as one male on one two-wheeled scooter, I continue…..

You can drive the length of Israel in a few hours from Eilat down south to the Mt Hermon ski site, the furthest place North. But you wouldn’t see much that way, except for the scenery flashing by,and further to left or right you will see trees and mountains, and wonder what’s out there, and suddenly you have driven the full length. And some people would say “Wow, we saw all of Israel” !

For this Internet journey we will start in Eilat and we will pay a few interesting visits to places all the way up north to Mt Hermon. We will go together, northwards and then westwards, and then southwards once more, and in every direction. And I will take you for short visits to some incredible places.

Louis the Scooterer is 69 years old and it sounds like he’s just getting started.


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