Legal disclaimer

  • the-vu believes it’s sources to be reliable and we take care to provide accurate information. However, the-vu cannot be responsible for the correctness of any information contained within its pages. It is up to our readers to determine if any advice given by our writers is reliable.
  • Neither the-vu nor its writers can accept responsibility for anything that occurs as a result of a reader acting upon the advice or influence of the writers.
  • Permission is not granted for the unauthorized reproduction of the material published in the-vu. Don’t copy it, forward it.
  • Any perceived slight of a specific person or organization is unintentional. We love everyone.
  • Anyone considering any kind of legal action against the-vu, in any country, should reconsider, because we are really nice and we love you.
  • During the December 2016 clean-up, many stock images, (hopefully stock images), were added to the older articles, as featured images for tidier navigation. If you notice any image to be non-public-domain, please ask us to replace it with another one. We have not intentionally included any copyrighted images that would have any value to any entity.
  • We do not recommend that anyone should read the-vu with a trout inserted up his or her left nostril.

Ownership of our name.

Because the verb view is a commonly used English word, there are in the world today, many businesses, publications, products and productions, which have very similar names to

We chose this name, as suggested by a friend in a coffee shop, in 2000. As far as we know we were the first to have this name.

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