Legal disclaimer

  • the-vu believes it’s sources to be reliable and we take care to provide accurate information. However, the-vu cannot be responsible for the correctness of any information contained within its pages. It is up to our readers to determine if any advice given by our writers is reliable.
  • Neither the-vu nor its writers can accept responsibility for anything that occurs as a result of a reader acting upon the advice or influence of the writers.
  • Permission is not granted for the unauthorized reproduction of the material published in the-vu. Don’t copy it, forward it.
  • Any perceived slight of a specific person or organization is unintentional. We love everyone.
  • Anyone considering any kind of legal action against the-vu, in any country, should reconsider, because we are really nice and we love you.
  • During the December 2016 clean-up, many stock images, (hopefully stock images), were added to the older articles, as featured images for tidier navigation. If you notice any image to be non-public-domain, please ask us to replace it with another one.
  • We do not recommend that anyone should read the-vu with a trout inserted up his or her left nostril.

Ownership of our name.

Because the verb view is a commonly used English word, there are in the world today, many businesses, publications and productions, which have very similar names to

We don’t mind that your cafe, Laundromat, radio show, newspaper, hotel or web-site has a similar name to ours, and we ask that you don’t try and look for ways to hurt us with legal nonsense and slurs. We won’t say anything bad about The View Bike Rentals, just because our web-site is called the-vu.

If we are all to enjoy sharing a common language, we should not go around claiming words for ourselves. If you represent The View Hotel or The View TV show, we hope you enjoy using our common name as much as we do. If you run The-Vu Flying School, that’s great too!

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