About the-vu

the-vu began life as a magazine with a few articles, created  in early 2000. To  make it look like a web site we used HTML, then various products for content management.

Then in 2008 we stopped site-building and threw it all into Wordpress where it remains today.

So now it may visually resemble a blog, but it’s still a magazine. Of course in 2000 there was no such thing as, and no such word as “blog”, but there was a word “ezine” which is rarely used for anything these days. Therefore we still like to regard the-vu as a magazine.

Let us know what you think by leaving comments at the end of each article your read.

Please be a contributor. You are very welcome to submit any article of any length for publication and distribution via the-vu. Almost any article will likely be approved unless it’s really lousy or represents a very negative viewpoint.

Jeffrey the Barak,
Founder and Publisher,

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