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the-vu began life as a magazine with a few articles, created  in early 2000. To make it look like a web site we initially used an HTML interface, then various products for content management. Then in 2008 we stopped site-building and threw it all into Wordpress where it remains today. So now it has become some kind of a blog. Over time many old articles have been deleted.

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  1. hey,
    bumped into your blog while searching for alternatives to a small percussion rig. And i found a blog with a lot of interesting posts about pertinent themes. Congrats!

    You posted about turning to acoustic drums, so i don’t know if you went to NAMM 2018..
    I have been looking for info on Alternate Mode equipment.. namely on the jamKAT, DITI and GigKAT bundle. I’ve owned a MalletKAT with no sounds for years.. and it is now gathering dust in a corner _ what a waste. Why ? Because i grew tired of using VSTs to trigger it.
    I am looking for a hardware solution, so i can play live and NOT need a laptop.

    Any ideas?

    cheers from Portugal


  2. Duarte.

    Comments on the About page get deleted, but I will reply first. You could contact Alternate Mode about their Kurzweil box that is basically the MalletKAT KS in a box. It should be gig-worthy and give you all mallet and keyboard sounds. But you could possibly also get any inexpensive synth keyboard with a MIDI in and trigger that from the MalletKAT

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