The Return of Sam the Space Dog

The 1st Sam on his balloon ride above Earth.

By Jeffrey the Barak

In 2016, Sam the Space Dog, a lovable little stuffed animal, rode a balloon into space, reaching an altitude of 25 kilometers.

He was the hero of a lot of British schoolchildren who excitedly watched the fascinating high definition video transmission from their little buddy’s adventure.

Alas, upon his descent something went wrong and Sam got lost. I was so worried about Sam and would search the news for an update, always hoping someone would find him and know who he was.

I set up a Google News Alert and waited. Occasionally the keywords Sam, Space, Dog would trigger a false alarm and an unrelated story would feed in.

Just the other day I was thinking about Sam, somewhere all alone in the harsh outdoors. Would the kids even recognize him after such exposure in wild England?

The 2nd Sam in his rocket’s seat.

Then today I got quite a fright. There was Sam preparing for a second mission, to ride a super-fast rocket up to around 4,000 feet in 20 seconds. They had found Sam! Or had they? The first article I read was on something called “the bay”. It offered no explanation of how Sam had been found.

So I looked further, as usual finding nothing about his rediscovery and rescue, and then I found more articles, including one in “The Visitor” which revealed the hard truth: “The lost Sam was never found – but being a cuddly toy, thankfully there is more than one of him!”

So Sam #1 is still out there in the cruel countryside somewhere on the other end of his parabola from Morecambe Bay, but his spirit, personality and love are now inside Sam #2 who will be riding inside a Skybolt 2 Research Rocket, and hopefully landing unharmed where he can be easily found and recovered.

I still hope that Sam #1 will come home one day.

Update: Sam #2 made it back just fine. Sam #1 is still missing.

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