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list-512-000000By Jeffrey the Barak

Readership of the-vu is quite small these days. A few dozen reads per day are all we see, from everywhere in the world. Back in the early days, when the-vu was one of just a handful of Internet magazines, we had many thousands of reads every day.

These days, most of us find our online reading content, not in magazine sites, but in news portals. Sites that gather pieces from other sites. Examples are Flipboard, Google News, and increasingly, the right column of Facebook.

We can focus on our interests this way and look for headlines that are related to things we like, for example, scooters, jazz, drums, Hawai’i etc.

One trend that we see in such gathered headlines, is articles that have top ten lists, or top five lists etc. And I have recently taken to completely ignoring any such article. I boycott them in fact.

It is the same with YouTube videos. The site knows our interests via cookies and history, and presents us with videos entitled for example, the top ten uses for….

It would seem to me that any article or video that has top ten or top five in it’s title is generally not worth the time it takes to read or watch. I don’t really know why such content is so terribly bad, when on the face of it it would seem to directly address one’s interests, but really, these pieces are almost invariably a waste of time.

The 7 best foods for healthy weight loss.
10 party outfits that are better than formalwear.
The 5 best electric bicycles.
The 3 best ways to cut cable.
10 ways to improve your mileage.
8 hair color trends that dominated 2015.

All such articles are usually low on content, and high on headline appeal. Empty articles, that are not worth the time it takes to click through to them.

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Who is compiling these lists and why? Why are people clicking through to them, creating more demand for more lists?

I certainly don’t mind short, concise articles with no fluff, but there has to be something, other than a list with a paragraph for each bullet point.

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  1. OK – long reply. I *love* Google. I use it for everything. Unfortunately, it broke the back of all online publications because it made their navigational systems useless and it provided content from competitors that made jumping from site to site very common. Frankly, 99% of the time, I do not know what site I am on when reading info, and only take the time to make note of it if 1) I wonder if it is copying someone else’s material verbatim, 2) if it isn’t loaded with fractional-cent earning ads, and 3) if the publisher actually cares about the information (a gut feeling, I know).

    I have chosen to not take any advertising on either of my sites (Littleviews and LetsKickScoot) because, frankly, I rather be a prostitute (at least I’d have some fun while plying my trade and make money besides). I have not yet become a prostitute and in my almost 20 years of web publishing, have only had to ban one complete jerk (language cleaned up here) who regularly contributed to LetsKickScoot. (Anytime you’d like another long-winded response about this online jerk, just ask.)

    Now, with regard to top 10. I always ask that question when inquiring about apps or equipment, and usually try to limit the number of successfully responding articles to 7 or 10 within the same year. Even if some of those sites earn money on referrals (confession, I go directly to Amazon if I want the product and compare sellers there), they usually provide a good outline of what I need to look for. Frankly, if you wanted my opinion on the top 10 small urban scooters, I could provide it, but then, I don’t think that there are 10 worth mentioning. It is a small classification.

    Oh – and then there are the medical sites which, if you visit enough of them on a specific subject will yield some useful information. But, because of a Google search, there is not one medical site that commands my attention outside of landing in the top 50, with many of those sites in the top 5.

    So, what do I love and value? Edited sites or groups that provide training information. I am exceeding loyal to them. Sites on ColdFusion and Microsoft Access fueled my rather enjoyable and good paying career. And don’t let me get going on the value of, especially the art-related tutorials.

    Anyway, back to prostitution. I’d love to meet a collection of web publishers who do it for the love of the subject and who get annoyed about being pushed turning their publications into an income-earning experience based on fractional-cent sales. Yes, people can do this, especially if something is being sold that is highly unique OR the topic is something like “how to have sex 7 or 8 times a day and still earn a 6 figure income” or “you are an expert because you know something and other people want to buy your knowledge.” ….. I digress

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