Thinnest Wallet Possible? Dynomighty Mighty Case Cards

P1030228By Jeffrey the Barak

I like nice wallets, and I like leather, but the problem with most wallets is they make a few credit cards and a few banknotes into a single object that is up to six times more bulky than the contents alone.

Looking for ever skinnier and tinier solutions, I stumbled across what is probably the smallest and thinnest variant of a wallet. This thing has less of a size profile than using a single rubber band around your stash.

Made from Tyvek, something you will be familiar with if you have seen a FedEx Pak or a Priority Mail envelope, Dynomighty’s three types of wallets offer good strength, reasonable durability for the price and a thinness that no piece of leather or plastic can offer.

Tyvek is a water resistant paper-like spun fabric, and it can be imprinted with ink, so Dynomighty took these elements and created a very artistic range of designs for their wallets.

  • The original Mighty Wallet is in the format of a traditional bi-fold cash and cards wallet
  • The Mini Mighty Wallet is like a vertical bi-fold, which has a smaller footprint, but allows folded bills to peek over the top
  • And the smallest variant, the Mighty Case Cards, (not Mighty Cards Case for some strange reason) is barely bigger than a credit card and a Dollar bill folded in half.

P1030230The Mighty Case Cards measures 2.5” X 3.75” X almost nothing and weighs about 0.2 oz. It manages to include two single card slots in the front, and has a main compartment that will take a few cards and some folded cash.

For anyone not in the three silly countries in the world that still use inches (The USA, Liberia and Burma), 2.5” is 63.5 mm and 3.75” is 95.25 mm. 0.2 oz is 5.7 grams.

I think I am putting in more stuff than the designers intended, about eight cards and eleven folded banknotes, but they are all in there and easy to get in and out, and nothing pokes over the open top. Even with all this inside, my calipers show a thickness of 9.5 mm.

Now I may be enjoying this tiny thing as a novelty, but I miss my leather, so I plan to switch back to a single compartment thin leather sleeve to use as daily wallet, but if you had one of these and a new backup just in case it wore out or came unglued, you would probably not have to worry about it failing for a long time. Tyvek is tough stuff. And you would avoid being beaten up by vegans.

I chose the diamond plate design, and from a few feet away it really does look like a piece of metal.

Browse to to see the three sizes and all of their cool and fun designs. I paid $5 including postage, which cost them a couple of bucks to mail out. This is not like splurging on Louis Vuitton. I recommend trying one for size for a little while and enjoying something that is essentially no bigger than the cards and bills inside it.

Jeffrey the Barak does not have a bulge in his front pocket but nevertheless he is still pleased to see you.

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  1. Mr Jeffery. Yoru new site is very cool. I will order a wallet. So I too can have a bulge in my pocket and be glad to see ….well, you know. All the best. Edwin

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