Balls to Fitness

By Jeffrey the Barak

Exercise fads come and go, and then, some stay, because they work, are good value for money and get results.

As we all know it is very easy to consume too many calories and to eat the wrong types of food to maintain our optimum heath. And it is extremely easy to get insufficient exercise, or even none at all.

If you are like me, you dislike gyms and heath clubs. Despite them being good places to get the fat off and the muscles on, they do have their drawbacks. For me it is the bacteria, the viruses and the fungus.

I recently terminated my club membership, despite using the club regularly to attend “Zumba” classes, which were very effective for strength-training, aerobic conditioning and fat-loss, as well as being a lot of fun. But I was not using the rest of the club, including the weights, the machines, the pool, the ball-courts or the changing rooms.

So for those of us who simply cannot stand the exposure of a health club, but want to exercise, what should we do? Clearly, we have the option of buying home equipment, so we can add strength-training to our walks around the neighborhood.

But do we buy some clever machine from an infomercial that costs thousands of dollars, or do we make do with something cheap. Well, as it turns out there are some devices in all the stores these days that cost next to nothing and are very effective.

They are a load of balls.

They come with different names, some trademarked and others merely descriptive. Examples are Fitness Ball, Stability Ball, Exercise Ball, The Bender Ball, The BOSU half-ball, and many others.

The majority are large, soft, compressible inflatable balls, usually in small, medium and large, for people of different knee height. Others, such as the Bender Ball are small, so that you can place it in the small of your back and do a slightly different routine, and others are hemispherical with a flat bottom (the BOSU ball).

All come with suggested sets of exercises, and these exercises are simple, easy, enjoyable, and over and done in a few minutes. I recommend you do a YouTube search or a Google search for exercise ball or stability ball or fitness ball and see what comes up.

The remarkable thing is, by using nothing but a ball and your own body, you can get similar results as you could with weights or equipment that would have cost a fortune, and the exercises work, perhaps because people actually do it. It is unlikely that anyone has ever had to dust an exercise ball.

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