How the Gnarl Jump will change the world

By Jeffrey the Barak
April 1st 2011

Now that we have discovered the Gnarl Jump, and matter can be made to jump from spot to spot indefinitely, it can be used to turn wheels with pistons, or it can be used to endlessly power huge turbines.

The implications of using the Gnarl Jump to power turbines is huge. It can power the world, either through the traditional power grids, or via small generators on location.

Turbines are used to generate almost all electricity in the world, and they are driven by steam, water, fluid or air.

All of the following power generating systems employ turbines:

  • Nuclear fission
  • Coal burning
  • Gas burning
  • Oil burning
  • Solar parabolic collectors
  • Geothermal direct steam
  • Geothermal heat transfer
  • Hydro electric via dams or tidal blades
  • Windmills
  • Solar updraft towers.

In each case the turbines generate electricity with spinning magnets and the power goes down the transmission lines.

Now we can take each and every one of these systems offline and replace the turbine’s driving force with a Gnarl Jump device.

Obviously there is no associated global warming as no fossil fuel is burned. A little oil is needed to lubricate the turbine, but that is all. Nuclear fission does not emit greenhouse gasses but the obvious potential danger of the fuel is really too much of a risk. Even if there are no accidents, the fuel remains dangerous for thousands of years, and the chances of that being abused and used to kill are near 100% over such a long time scale and taking human history into consideration.

If each home and or business had it’s own Gnarl Jump turbine, we could eventually dismantle the grid and clean up the skyline.

And of course one little device in each bus, truck, car and motorcycle will make petrol and diesel fuels of the past. Electric vehicles will run forever around the clock without stopping for a recharge.

All former discussions about green power, global warming and nuclear dangers are now moot. All we have to do is figure out how to put the forests back.

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