Wash, don’t wipe, your butt.

By Sparklee A Hole.

If you can read this, you are a human, and you poop. A subject that may delight a few, and disgust many more. but opinions don’t count, because we all have to go and poop. It is what happens afterwards that is rarely discussed. People from different cultures have different ideas about what you should do next. An American or a Brit, who has only ever seen a toilet roll next to a toilet, may travel abroad and find one of the five following devices at his or her disposal.

  • A porcelain bidet
  • A bucket or barrel of water with a scooper
  • A shower spray connected to the toilet tank water supply with a T-adaptor
  • An electronic toilet seat that dispenses sprays or jets of warm water and may also air-dry the area
  • A pipe that shoots water upwards.

There may be more systems than these five, but these are the common alternatives to simply using dry tissue paper to clean up.

Conversely, someone from the Arab world, or the Philippines, or parts of Asia, might visit The USA and be appalled to find out that Americans believe they can clean their anal area following defecation with nothing more than dry tissue paper. And they would be right, because it really does take more than tissue to be clean following the business.

Clearly, washing is more efficient than tissue-wiping when it comes to removing the after effects of going, especially if a lather from detergent is introduced, so what do these mysterious foreigners do in the bathroom?

The Bidet.

Often seen beside a toilet, the bidet has featured in travel jokes for decades. It is basically a little bathtub that one squats over to wash the area. These usually have hot and cold running water and can squirt, rinse and spray. Anyone who has used a bidet is probably emerging from the bathroom clean.

The electronic bidet toilet seat.

The Japanese have pioneered this field. To have one of these, your toilet needs to have electricity as well as water. These devices, controlled with the push of a button are designed to wash and then dry the area, without the user leaving the seat. Some are simple and some are full of hi-tech features.

The Tabo

Called the tabo in the Philippines but known by other names in South Asia, this system is basically a jug of water, filled in a bucket or barrel or from the tap. The user raises up slightly from the toilet seat and pours water towards the small of the back where the space between the butt cheeks is. The water naturally flows down and over the skin and washes the area.  In practice, although rarely talked about, the user usually puts soap on his or her fingers and washes the butt, just like everyone does in the shower and then rinses with the tabo. Of course this means touching the unclean substance in question (poo) but the hand is using soap and water so with practice it ends up clean when all is over. In the Philippines, bathrooms are wet, meaning there is usually a floor drain and a faucet on the wall, which is used to fill the vessel. The tabo is difficult for lifelong wipers to accept, but it does remove all traces of waste and associated bacteria, so should not be criticized. Anyone with a sink within arm’s reach of the toilet, and a plastic jug or jar, can try the tabo right now, with nothing to install. In rural areas, the tabo is also used for outdoor, full body bathing.

The bidet shower spray.

The Arabs call it a shattaf, (sounds like shit off, which is basically what it does), but this is nothing more than a handheld water shower that connects to the water inlet valve for the toilet via a T-connection. Room temperature water is sprayed on the anus after the business is done. As with the tabo, hand washing the area with soap is an unmentioned option. These sprays are often called diaper sprays or nappy sprayers, because they can also be used to wash off most of the baby poo from your baby’s diaper before tossing it in the bleach pail. The baby poo just goes right down the loo. The downside to using a handheld shower spray in a colder climate is, in winter, the tap water can be extremely cold. In some places these are called the muslim bidet and other names, because the muslim world is apparently quite particular about keeping clean down there. But if your bathroom is in Thailand or Saudi Arabia, to name a couple of places, you’ll probably have a sprayer adjacent to the toilet, and the water will not be a cold shock.

The sprayer pipe.

In Egypt you are likely to see a curved brass pipe at the back of the toilet bowl. This is water spraying at it’s most basic. Just turn on the tap and a jet of water shoots towards the butt for hands-free washing, or manually assisted soaping, as discussed under the tabo.

So here is the taboo subject of cleaning the ass being discussed in a magazine. Some will find the whole subject unthinkable and live their whole lives failing to properly remove poo and bacteria with their little pieces of tissue paper, and others will never use tissue paper instead of washing. While it may be obvious which idea is more effective,  preconceptions about what is civilized may keep most westerners in the dirt until they are buried in the dirt. But whatever you do following a poo, follow by washing your hands with soapy lather, and you’ll stay safe.

Sparklee A Hole is always ready for inspection and never has to hide his underwear deep in the laundry basket.

100 thoughts on “Wash, don’t wipe, your butt.”

  1. I am sorry but seriously I cannot understand how people wipe their behind without washing it with water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You should wash it with water and then wipe it with toilet papers..

  2. i keep a bottle of water in the toilet and wet my toilet paper then wipe.
    that way im not touching my poop ..

  3. Makes more sense than wiping yet the combination of both would work better.
    Same old dilemma though, slave to men, or freeman with Nature. If you can fashion “soap”, a concept derived from man alone, then fair enough [no killing or cruelty involved, or theft, keep your hands to themselves right? Humans right? Top of the food chain *roar* [sarcasm]. Or should our need of soap override others right to the life they find themselves living? Cannot we stand independent, or parasites forever?]
    Yet the ones that operate correctly in their forms [without education] and environment without dramatically changing it, [who consequently get the derogatory "animal" title, never wipe their ass nor are concerned with the vanities we mistakenly engage in and have no regard or favor of the energies currently occupying Human form. What you say? Animals stink? Why the deodorant people? Stench much?
    Why the makeup clowns?
    Stop killing your foods with fire, eating dead flesh, devouring stolen milk when we are weaned humans. We cant find eggs etc easily, we see colors contrasted on green. Be real, following their ways because they heavily promote it?! EASE & SIMPLICITY is a clue. Why for do you have a human form and are concerned with the ways of a dogs form?
    Preoccupation with eating [incorrectly] and sex [uncontrollably], warfare [we lack the form] and building? Dogs and termites have us whipped at those games, in their natural forms they can EASILY do this. We choose it when it is HARD.
    We have fallen so far, and most believe the story of coming from less to more.
    People say they believe in Humanity, but when asked why, they lack reason other than their own egos wish for life, yet they deny it to other forms. So wiping our ass is a lesser problem, low on the priority scale of attention.
    Instant god/devil/hero/villain, just add opinion and judgement lol.
    Lovers of comfort who’ve lost the ability to intuitively use their senses. Humans.
    Givers of regard and respect to unworthy causes and eloquent trumpeting.

  4. It’s really difficult to adopt, the wipe business. it’s human nature; if you want to clean something clean it! just like that. a sixth design is also available in which no brass pipe is there, just a hole @ the back of the ceramic bowel which sprays water exactly where it should. when I travel to a no water land, I simply shower every time I have to go to the toilet. the bright side is I stop eating & I lose weight!

  5. The comments here are hilarious….seriously!
    I always wash my but with that sprayer pipe..
    It’s really good and it’s not really necessary to debate on such an already controversial topic. Whether you wash or wipe, remember one thing that our ass is designed to dispose poop. Even though I’m against the “wiping” practice, I believe that people deserve to do what pleases them and basically satisfies them. According to me, the easiest way is to use sprayer pipes in your toilet. One, they keep your hands away from any poop. Second, they are quite remarkable in cleaning “that” area.
    Just use that sprayer pipe, wait for water to drip off your ass and put your clothes back on…just make sure your ass is clean. And yeah, never forget to wash your hands with good anti-bacterial soap, no matter how you cleanse your ass!
    P.S. I’m an Indian so I guess you know why I hate the wiping thing!

  6. I did not grow up in a culture of washing but ever since I found out how to wash with a plastic cup I have done so. Even if not at home, if there is a basin in the toilet I wet a paper towel, tear it up and use that to compliment the paper. You can’t get clean if you only use dry paper. Can’t understand how the culture of doing so and accepting faecal matter staining one’s underwear ever grew up! Even wet wipes don’t really get you clean because they are not wet enough. Water’s what you need.

  7. Hi,
    Can anyone teach me how to fire that water spray up on my ass. I mean how the position of the hands and the spray should be, before spraying the water?

    I have one in my house and I am not sure whether I am using it the right way.

  8. Hold the spray head with your right hand behind your back. Bend a bit and direct the spray head to your arse. Press the lever and wash off. (First use paper and flush; so you may not find it awkward or no need to keep the spray too long on your arse). Next use the spray. When the area is quite clean then apply soap with your left hand index finger all around, in & out and wash off till the arse is sparkling clean.

    You can be very confident of yourself & relax, knowing that there is nothing behind and no tell tale smell to worry.

  9. best way to do it :
    1)get a handheld bidet installed in your toilet
    2)get a liquid hand wash
    3)every time after you poop or pee , wide open ur legs as ur sitting and take the handheld bidet with ur right hand(if ur left handed do it with left hand) and spray it over ur butt hole(in the begining the water might fall on ur hand while spraying, so as u practice u will master it )
    4)spray water as long as u feel clean
    5)now take a small amount of soap from the liquid hand wash in ur left hand and rub it over ur butt hole and then spray with water and wash off all the lather
    6)by doing this,it will always keep ur butt hole , vagina area or penis area very clean)
    7)walk out of the toilet feeling clean :)

  10. I wipe to get rid of access first…so when I get to soaping it’s all basically clean. Then when I see that all is gone, I get baby wipes and go at it…and this means that it’s basically overall really clean. Then I wash with soap just to be safe as hell…and then I dry with the paper towels again.

  11. Someone once asked if cleaning your dusty car was better with just a damp cloth, or using a spray gun and a damp cloth. Cleaning up with water after a visit to the oval office is definitely cleaner than just wiping with dry toilet paper.

  12. Lately I been using baby wet wipes. Seems to be not enough, as even when I eat soft foods going to the can feels like I swallowed razor blades. I’m gonna try a thing with a cup and/or a measuring cup thing.. Water is gentler. This has been helpful, thanks! God bless!

  13. well yeah I’m Egyptian and in Egypt the fourth and fifth pictures are both available in toilets, also the bidet in the first picture can be found in luxurious bathrooms like in 5 stars hotels or something, and it is really the best way to stay clean.
    actually I still can’t imagine that people in foreign countries just use tissues, I mean this will never get it 100% clean, I’m sure that your under wear gets dirty (brown lol) and I’m sure that it smells too, thinking about this made me sure that when you go to swimming pool or something I’m sure that all the dirt goes out there, it also makes me afraid to touch a seat that a foreigner sit on or something. I worry a lot about dirt, bacteria and diseases and I’m telling you water is the best and I hope all of the world use it.
    it is good to know that they use it in Asian countries I wanted to visit Thailand and Japan :D

  14. It is good that you use the paper and the wash, but keep in mind you must bath or shower daily. Most Americans will bath at least once daily, sometimes twice. In some countries they seldom do that. Yes, they will wash their butts after pooping, but they do so because they do not bath regularly and they seem to think they are hygienic. This may be a little gross, to think about, but have you ever gotten you poo on your fingers while wiping? Does just one soap up and wash get the odor off, no! When you look at you poo in the toilet, does the water turn brown, no, its stays clear, so it would seem water alone does not work. I have a strategic approach to it all. First thing is to stay regular, eat good nutritious foods with fiber. This way you poo is manageable. It allows you a regular time to hit the toilet. For me, I have a cup of coffee in the morning, wait then on comes the urge to poo. They are always good healthy stools and I wipe with paper only. Once completed I then and only then take my shower. That area receives a good cleaning. I most often go through the day without having to potty and if I do it is usually in the evening where I have access to a shower. But, we all are not perfect and I will have my occasional mid morning or afternoon surprise poo. Now I have prepared for this contingency, because after I shower, clean the area, I will lubricate the area with a coat of Vaseline. When the contingency becomes actual I will take care of my business, wipe with the paper. I have a thorough way of wiping. I pull off three foot of paper, fold in half three times. I will wipe, check, fold paper again, wipe, check fold paper again. I can usually get three wipes and checks this way. I will then pull another section off and and check wipe. Usually it is all gone by then. Once I have done, this I pull out the “handy wipe I have brought with me”. I will clean then clean the area. It is easy because the Vaseline I put on early has provided a barrier and medium to facilitate smooth removal. Of course I thorough had washing is in order afterwards. When I get home, depending on the time of day, I will hop in the shower. If it is just to clean what may be on my butt, its the hand held shower head targeted. Later on, its a full shower. I will do this before going anywhere, even to the gym. Now, I have very little hair in the area for “cling ons” as I keep this area manicured. Of course some people are too hairy in there and this would cause great problems. I have been to the middle east, and asia and although you can say they wash their bums after pooping, they certainly do not bathe everyday. I think they believe a cursory washing of their bottoms suffices for not showering every day. I can get in a crowd of middle easterners, a crowd of Asians, a crowd of Europeans (Brits excluded) and a crowd of Americans and I will tell you the Americans by far are less odorous. Now the Japanese, whole new order of clean, unmatched.

  15. Well, I have never understood how one can feel clean just by wiping his asshole after shitting.
    When I am rimming a guy I don’t want to taste “dingle berries” on his anal hair.
    So the best thing to do would be to remove anal hair every 10 days or so with a cream. That way, whoever rims you will get a smooth asshole.
    Also, try this test after you shit and wipe your asshole with a tissue – put your finger for 10 seconds on your asshole and then sniff it. If it smells like shit you still have to wash it with water.

  16. I feel happy, I always wash. In fact we Muslims are told to wash after bathroom and we have been doing it for fourteen hundred years! For us the body is considered unclean after bathroom visit, and we are not to enter prayer (Salath) without washing first.

  17. There is nothing wrong with using toilet paper. All this washing nonsense is just more ignorant third world propaganda that we superior americans is laughable, hahaha !!
    There is no way that water will wash off sticky feces, hahahaha, you are all fooling yourselves,hahahaha


  18. I really dislike the stereotyping and hating that’s going on here. Mostly directed at westerners. I would like to know if people who use only dry tp to clean get ill more often than those who use water. As long as they are washing their hands thoroughly after using the restroom, I wouldn’t think so. But I’ve not researched the subject.
    I agree that the best case scenario is to have a bidet or sprayer of some sort as the force of the water would certainly wash it away. I do have trouble understanding how you can use a cup or something similar to get clean without having to come into direct contact with the feces. I think this is what skeeves some westerners out, the idea of touching poop. Of course were taught that its disgusting and sickening and therefore we should never touch it directly with our skin. The idea of wiping first with tp then washing is good, but there’s still possibly poop remnants to be touched. A lot of people would cry for gloves. Yes, you wash with soap and water after, but people still have to touch their poo.
    Talking about sex, fellatio, etc. spontaneous or otherwise, I seriously doubt the guy is dipping his dick in shit. If he is, or if he’s not a regular hand washer, you decide whether you’ll take that risk. A little residual urine isn’t going to hurt you and unless someone pissed their pants or something, they’re not going to smell like, or taste like pee. More like sweat. of you cant deal with that then don’t go down on him without a rinse. as far as going down on a girl goes, I don’t feel comfortable having it done to me if I haven’t washed both areas. As for the guy who was talking about the 25 Americans he’s had inter course with, I hope you wore a condom buddy. Sex with that many partners is probably far more dangerous than a skid mark. And who actually gets a skid mark? You have to be the worlds laziest wiper. That’s sick.
    As long as you shower regularly and wash your hands frequently, you should be pretty clean and fresh overall. That said, if I could afford a Japanese toilet, I’d totally get one! I think maybe some people just don’t use deodorant… Idk. I was married to a Muslim and he never used tp but he never asked me to stop using paper. He also flat out refused to go down (notice I said we WERE married…) on me, said it was unclean. But it was fine if I went down on him…
    I teach Esl to adults and hygiene seems to vary place to place. Different smells, people wearing the same clothing all the time, rotten teeth… Happens to Americans too. No one is exempt. As multicultural as the US is, you’d think bidets would have made it over here by now… The only place I’ve lived where I got sick often was in El Salvador. It’s still developing. I got pink eye and parasites there. I didn’t get sick in Spain. I do get sick here. sick of telling my students to stop flushing paper towels and to stop tossing used tp into the sanitary disposal bins.

  19. Every morning I shower. I know that later on in the day I will have to poop. So I prepare. First thing I do I have my coffee and a little breakfast. Usually this gets me to the John to do my business. After that I enter the shower where I scrub everything squeeky clean. Then because I know poo has a habit of clinging I pull the razor and remove any hair that may be around the hole, taint and between the cheeks. I do this routinely so, its no great task. Its quick and it is easy if you keep it up. Once completing my shower I exit. Now, again, my theory is that if there is nothing to stick to, it will be easy to remove. So I apply Vaseline in and around the area I expect the poop to accumulate. This creates a barrier that can be easily removed.

    During the day I feel the urge coming on. I do not delay, I move to the bathroom. Get comfortable on the toilet and relax. When I drop my pants, I spread my cheeks, stretching them across the seat as to provide a clear path. Then it comes, I let it drop completely, throwing a little jiggle in there to make sure all passes without incident. I reach over and take approximately three sheets of TP more depending on the quality. I never ball it up. I fold the TP three times, wipe, then fold over again and wipe. The one more fold and press. This tells me the target area for my next wipe. I discard the paper and start anew repeating the procedure. Now having the Vaseline there makes for a very smooth clean up. For guys wiping from back to front is more controllable. You must remember to stop and not drag the paper through your taint or nut-sack. Now, being prepared I have a wet wipe in my pocket. I use this to finish things up. Normally, there is but a small trace of brown. Sorry but try as you may, you are not getting it all without showering. Once completed up come the pants and it is immediately toward the sink I go for a serious and thorough hand washing. I keep my nails short and trimmed as not to have any fecal matter trapped under them. I often wonder at this point do women with long nails get all that stuff from under their nails. I do not think so. Anyhow, make sure that you clean your belt buckle and belt as that is the first place you poop stained hands go when you get up. Of course, great care and skill in the wipe will preserve their cleanliness, until you unlatch the stall. That my freinds is the proper way.

  20. Source of infection
    Blood urine stool
    If you wipe butt with tissue then how you carry stool with u, as tissue can’t clean properly, if you clean then why u wash hands, please friends let us follow Islamic way of cleaning body .

  21. As a Muslim, I just cannot understand how one just uses toilet paper to wipe. I mean it’s like dry, and ur poo will just stick on your ass. It’s like, I just cant comprehend. The feeling of having dried poo on my ass for.the whole day…ewwwww. I’m lucky I’m brought up the way I am now. By the way, I am a Singaporean and I use the shower spray

  22. Well it is a shame for our western civilization, that we have not recognized this superior way of ass-wiping. But as Confucius says, the most difficult thing is to learn from one’s inferiors. It is hard to admit, but you guys opened a totally new perspective for me. Never again will there be brown stains in my underwear. Never again will I scratch my ass and it will stink like hell. Hallellujah!!

  23. I’ve never heard such shite talk in my life. I couldn’t care what i wipe my hole with.newspaper toilet paper sand paper i don’t give a fuck. If you had a feed of guinneass you would want a power hose in the bathroom never mind a bidet.grab yourself an old t-shirt face cloth towel whatever is in arms reach and give your hole a wipe and away you go. As for the indian giving advice about ass cleaning isn’t india one of the dirtiest dumps on the planet. Its rat infested for gods sake.

  24. Washing is like showering but just in that area in addition to regular showering. Go in with toilet paper first to get rid of the majority of the residue then finish up with soap and water just as you would when you shower. Then dry yourself with a towel after washing your hands. You wouldn’t clean dirty dishes with just paper towels right?

  25. yall are funny ive just ben lettin my dog clean up after me since i can remember. seems to like it and does a good job i tell you what.. whats with these foriegners and there fancy water jet spraying poopy bum cleaners. u aint going to the moon your making a turd people

  26. This is not completely true, yet it makes so much sense. I never would of thought this myself.

  27. I’ve always wondered about this western tradition of wiping. You would need lots of paper to actually clean up. And since most, if not all, are worried that the fingers shouldn’t contact the faecal matter, a thick pad of paper would be needed, but the fact is the mal odour on your hands would remain. Another downside of using toilet paper is that it may not clean the area effectively as some here have reported. The whole nature of this post and comments is what cleans better. Water does a great job no doubt. So whether there’s a spray, a bidet, or a bucket with a mug, they achieve their purpose. The thought and act of touching faecal matter is indeed revolting and what we are all trying to outdo one another with is that there should be no or minimal of contact, the anal area should feel clean and that no smell ought to linger anywhere( not the hands, back or clothes most certainly). The reality is that the ‘No Contact’ rule invariably gets broken either with paper or water except maybe for the Japanese toilets such as TOTO. The aid of the fingers on the non-dominant hand is often needed with water (especially the mug type in squat toilets and shower spray in sitting toilets). Liquid soap is a great cleaning aid too.

    So would I feel clean in the back if I were in the States, or in Britain? I think not very much. It would make me very uncomfortable with the paranoia (or actual) that I’m walking around like a stinking piece of ….

  28. muslims are obliged to wash even when they pee. if there’s even a single drop of urine in their underwear or on their clothes, they are considered not clean and cannot pray. i find it great.

  29. Most people in the world consider wiping the butt with toilet paper as unsanitary. I know I do. You are just smearing it around instead of cleaning, I use Rosewater and a mild liquid soap to cleanse the area. And the method of application is the tool I was born with. My hand. After my ablutions I wash my hands, and presto! Clean butt and clean hands. This isn’t rocket science. And look at all the trees that could be put to better use.

  30. I visited the Philippines with my parents years. The toilet had no paper, and there was a shower nozzle opposite me. No soap. I washed off as best I could, freaking out as to why there was no TP. Nothing to dry off with. So…basically shitty water all over my pants. I went to ask Mum for help and all the relatives laughed at me.

  31. It’s a common sense. After you eat something you usually wash you hands and mouth. You wash in your way in so why don’t you wash on your way out?

    The logic is you need to wash your asshole even more so after you left your food rotten in your stomach for overnight :)

  32. I’m Cuban American and in every Cuban home you will find a little can in the bathroom for washing after pee/poop. In college I became friends with a Persian girl and I noticed that in her home they did the same thing but they used a watering can without the spray attachment. If I recall correctly its called an “aftabeh” I adopted the aftabeh idea in my home since it is much better at directing the water to where it needs to go. So, as you can see this phenomenon does not only appear in the Middle East. I would venture to say that it appears where ever there has been an Arab influence. Arabs were in southern Spain for 700 years. The Spanish settled in the Philippines and in cuba too. I’m sure warm climate has something to do with it as well. In the frigid north our ancestors didn’t want to even bathe regularly let alone wash after every visit to the toilet. So in the north and in Europe the custom of wiping rather than washing emerged.

    I wonder if Jews wash or wipe?

  33. u hv to insert the finger inside the hole to clean properly. then it is ready to rimm

  34. Someone mentioned that ppl who wash their ass don’t bath daily. FYI, to bath twice daily is a commkn practise to many parts of the world. One in the morning and one more in the afternoon or evening in addition to washing their bums with water and soap. Ask a doctor or a nurse, they will tell u it’s hygienic and healthier. Anyway, I am not bashing or critising any culture or practise. Just sharing.

  35. I think the best option is first to wipe it down there and then wash it with water. Showers attached to the bathroom may be used for the purpose, if using hands might be a problem for many. But one thing you should understand, its your thing, you should not shy cleaning it, even when you have to use your hands.

  36. That’s cool, I myself have adopted both styles but I use an old rag and dip it in the toilet water after I finish my business of course. Then I wipe the area clean and dry the area with toilet paper. After all that leave the rag on the toilet seat for next time. Once one of the grand kids mistook the old potty rag as a chocolate treat, lol, that was a good memory.

  37. Hi every body, it’s very good to talk about our hygien , I’m wash daily and after each use of bathroom, it’s very important to wash your ass and then dry it well .. So you will feel more fresh and Self-confidence, most of Arabic washing every time ,, it’s very easy ,, just let the water Flowing From front to back in case of passing wee or poo that’s for female…. For male you have to wash your ass nicely after pooing .. Then at the sink you can wash your penis

    I hope it’s clear .. Any doubt pls contact me .. Your sister NaNi

  38. This is all very interesting and amusing in places but no one is explaining how this state of pure hygiene is achieved outside of the home? How does one wash the derrière on the move, in aeroplane, hotel loos etc. do people carry there pots around hidden? There is little room for cleaning activities in an aeroplane loo?? Answers please?

  39. How about BOTH???? Wipe your ass with one piece of wet TP(dip it in a disposable cup you can leave near the sink which is hopefully at arm’s length near the toilet). Then use one piece of dry TP. use an extra one if you have to. THEN WASH. THere is so little left that your hands dont get really that dirty while washing your ass. Either method is gross by itself. But TP followed by a final rinse with water is perfect.

  40. After switching from wiping to water, my anal area itching and stinging inflammation are gone. I use any discarded food squeeze bottle to squirt a stream of water into my anal cleft, followed up by a soapy lather and squeeze-bottle rinse. The fingers of the other hand, aided by the water flow, do most of the waste removal. You can use the toilet for this activity, but sitting on the bathtub rim allows directing the water stream from below. The next day, there’s still no odor, but this wasn’t the case when I wiped.

  41. When I’m done I used to take a shower and wash cloth with soap, so I always know it’s clean down there! I now switched over to washing with a wash-cloth, soap, rinsing and drying.. and then it’s really clean!!

  42. I know someone who showers everytime after a crap and it drives me up the wall. They will even refuse to use a public toilet and chose to drive home just because they cannot take a shower. Far out that gets on my nerves. I really am happy to shit anywhere, as I drive around for my job, I just shit on the side of the road while cars drive past and it doesn’t bother me. Sure I just use paper and I have none, I’ll just use some leaves.

  43. Seriously? All this talk about arse cleaning! When most people I speak to daily, from ALL nationalities (I work in the service industry) have BAD breath! Sometimes I would swear they used their mouth to clean their butt! People you may have clean butts, but flossing, brushing and mouth wash go a long way!

  44. Even if you don’t use water, there are more- and less-effective ways of wiping.
    I first learned to wipe in a crouched position–with my bottom about two feet above the toilet seat. Later, I learned to grasp one buttock with my free hand while wiping and pull it aside to open up the anal cleft. But this position still didn’t encourage a thorough wiping, so all of my (white) undershorts had brownish streaks in the crotch area.
    Much later, I was defecating in a large open-style rest room when an attendant came in and started a conversation. When I finally stood up to wipe, she mentioned that she had never seen anyone wipe while standing, and suggested that I try a seated wipe. So I sat back down and observed that I was able to more effectively pull the wad of toilet paper through the anal cleft–compared to the crouching position. Seated wiping soon became my permanent technique and eliminated any underwear stains, especially with the modern multi-colored shorts which are much less revealing than the old white shorts.
    Anal soiling might also be alleviated by diet.
    I’ve noticed that some stools are messy and others literally leave no trace, seemingly depending on stool consistency. (Messy stools leave a butterfly pattern of soilage on the inner buttocks skin around the anus.) I’ve found that I don’t even need to wipe after passing hard chunky stools as the highly dilated anus seems to temporarily widen the anal cleft as the stools emerge. I’m almost ready to say that you can eliminate soilage and wiping by reducing the amount of dietary fiber. If nature likes a clean anus, then a high-fiber diet may be questionable. But the other day I passed a soft-looking 14″ stool which also left no soilage, so I don’t have a final answer.
    I’m usually a serious wiper, but I have my limits, and sometimes just give up and stop wiping when the toilet paper wads continue to show some brown color. I agree that water cleaning should be the final step, but I don’t always do this. But I do wipe my anus whenever it gets slimy or smelly, not just after defecating, as the anal canal can probably release a small amount of residual material at any time.
    Anal cleanliness can never be perfect, and I guess that’s why nudist resorts require that people sit on a towel, especially when using any indoor facilities.

  45. Yes, water cleaning is important, but it must be focused and deliberate. Instead, the reality may be countless ineffective showers across a great nation.
    It’s been a long time since I used public showers–mainly in school P.E. classes, military, etc.; but I remember that virtually no one seemed to properly clean the intergluteal cleft. When standing, the anus points downward, and is buried deeply between two fleshy buttocks. Shower water merely directed at one’s backside simply will not penetrate effectively into the intergluteal cleft and clean the anus. Instead, one should bend at the waist, use two hands to hold open the cleft, allow the shower spray to penetrate into the cleft, and also use the fingers to rub away any resistant material. Bending, at least to some degree, is necessary to rotate the anus toward the horizontal and into the shower spray.
    One should probably keep a low profile and only do this when no one seems to be looking, sparing others the sight of an apparent unseemly, but necessary, act.
    Thinking back across the years, I can only recall being challenged once or twice. While we were showering, a friend asked “What are you doing?”. Another time, at an outdoor shower, someone flashed their headlights.




  47. I’m a girl, and the first rule of hygiene that I learned was always wipe from front to back. Otherwise you will give yourself a bladder infection from the ecoli. What I don’t understand, is how can you avoid bad bacteria from getting into your vagina with this washing method? Any ideas?

  48. Disgusting! So unsanitary. This water that rinses your asshole falls on the very devices that spray water on the next person. Just what I want: someone else’s fecal matter and bacteria shooting up my ass.

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