Mobo, recumbent cruising in style.

By Jeffrey the Barak.

Sometimes the L.A. Auto Show presents a gem in the basement. In the underground part of the convention center, 2010’s fun booth is Mobo. Recumbent cycles are nothing new but the 2010 line up of human powered vehicles from City of Industry, CA are a blast. They are easy to ride, once you get your head around the fact that the rear wheels steer, so it’s like reversing a car or being at the helm of a speedboat as far as steering is concerned.

But the great thing about all recumbents is the riding position. Instead of every bump in the road banging you in the ass like a sledgehammer, your entire easy-chair spreads the shock enough to make it feel more like a massage than a hammer in the butt. After a day’s riding on a Mobo, the only place you’ll want to ride your conventional bicycle is to the for sale listings on Craig’s List. Once you sit in the chair, you won’t want to balance on your skinny saddle any more.

Costing between $300 and $600, the 2011 Mobo’s compare well to the prices of decent bicycles, but as well as no pain in  the wallet, you’ll have no pain in the butt either, unless you literally bash it with a sledgehammer after each ride. See for details.

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  1. The best sport equipment I ever purchased! I am 73 years old women who used to sit on front TV all day. Now I can’t imagine a day without riding my Mobo cruiser! I am lucky enough to live
    close-by to LA river bike pass, so it easy and safe to ride.
    Since September 18 I rode around 50 miles a week every week.
    Bike performs perfect!
    At the beginning I had some problems with my pedals unscrewing.
    But Stephen Collier. the mechanic of the company, was so accomodating in fixing the problem.
    I reccomend this bike to everybody!

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