The secret link between dog anger and people who eat potatoes

By Annie Manzano

In 1987, Willard Froloy was found dead and partly devoured in his Philadelphia apartment. His three pet dogs had been feeding on his corpse for two weeks. Investigation showed that the cause of death was choking and it seems that large-cut French-fried potatoes were the substance of the blockage.

The dogs had eaten the potatoes, but peelings suggested that the victim had prepared at least ten of them.

Well known tennis player Bea Tyson, was bitten on the throat by her pet Lab, a sweet dog who had shown no aggression or abnormal behavior for the five years she had lived with Bea. Tyson said later that the sight of a bag of potatoes had sparked something primal in Rainy’s demeanor and the attack occurred in the blink of an eye.

When house burglars Lorn and Cleavis Hutson seduced a family chow with a fresh beef shank and filled their bags with the valuables belonging to the Arlen family in Dallas, all went well until Lorn picked up a potato from the kitchen counter. In a flash, the chow had sunken it’s teeth into brother Cleavis’ face and punctured his eyeball.

These incidents all occurred in 2008 and in all there were close to twenty reports of previously peaceful pooches suddenly snapping violently at the mere sight of the humble potato. But according to FBI agent Brandon Line, as suddenly as it all started, it stopped, with zero cases in 2009. The file was closed in 2010.

So what caused this outbreak of potato sparked dog attacks? Agent Line believes it is possibly a four year cycle, because there were some cases reported in 2004 also. Nothing can be proven, but come 2012, it may be prudent to take care around dogs when using potatoes.

Annie Manzano is the secretary of the Filipino-American Potato Society of San Jose, California.


  1. I would normally say this is a load of rubbish, but for the fact that the only time my dogs bare their teeth and scare me, is when I take potatoes out of the cupboard. I hope to find out more because there is a serious phenomenon here.

  2. Wow, wow, wow. I have had problems with potatoes angering my dogs for years. I Googled it, saw this and just about dropped my coffee. So it’s not just me!

    What the hell can we do about this?

  3. Ya it sounds crazy but I have to say my dog gets really scary if she gets a look at a potato. I have to be so careful to keep them outta sight

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