Turmeric kills cancer in Ireland

800px-false-startBy Jeffrey the Barak

There is a racing flag that is green with a yellow chevron or V. It means false start. But green and yellow are very important colors when it comes to food. They are the colors of life.

The color of death is not black, it is brown. Brown as in brown colored food that is not really very good for you. A healthy plate needs to have green and yellow on it.

Most of us have heard about the advantages of eating food that looks green. Kale, broccoli, soy beans, spinach, all good for our health.

But besides yellow peppers and a few squashes, what is the yellow we need to be consuming? Strictly speaking, the magic yellow is not a raw natural food, it is a processed spice, and it is called turmeric. It is used in yellow curries.

turmericNutritionally we can all do just fine without ever encountering turmeric, and even a cancer victim does not need to eat turmeric. However, scientists have found that a chemical extracted from turmeric, called curcumin, kills cancer cells and then digests itself, vanishing without any side effects.

Specifically, a team at the Cork Cancer Research Center in Ireland, led by Dr. Sharon McKenna have been able to positively show that oesophageal cancer cells (a.k.a. gullet cancer cells) are clearly destroyed by curcumin.

It is not clear if frequently eating plenty of yellow curry laced with turmeric can cure oesophageal cancer on it’s own, but any excuse to eat this delicious yellow food as a preventative measure is welcome.


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