A new way to travel in a plane.

Photo credit: Wired.com
Photo credit: Wired.com

An idea that should have materialized decades ago.

Wired Magazine’s Jason Paur added an article to the Wired Autopia Blog that highlights a design technology that is long overdue.

How many of us have sat upright in a coach seat for twelve hours and dreamed of lying down to take the pressure off our backs? It turns out that not only could we all have a bed, but we could also check fewer bags. All it takes is a new way of thinking regarding passenger cabin design.

The original article, complete with photos can be found at this link

As you know, we do not normally link to outside articles here at the-vu, but this is important. The plane builders and airlines need to open their minds and get way from the rows of seats idea.


  1. I would lie down and nap on any flight over 4 hours. Why won’t they just do this? Is it because of concerns about claustrophobia and the ability to evacuate quickly?

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