They are not cross dressers, they are sport enthusiasts.

By Jeffrey the Barak

For years I have noticed many young men walking around in brightly colored nylon mini dresses. I should explain that my eyesight is not great and that I have never watched any sport involving teams of men playing with balls.

Well it turns out these are not dresses at all. They are vests, otherwise known as singlets or tank tops or A-Shirts, and they are derived from the uniforms worn by basketball players.

What I was observing was these tank tops being worn by people of smaller size. In other words the shirts were far too big for them and worn over matching nylon shorts, also very baggy in design, to the extent you cannot easily see there are two legs, and they appear as pleated nylon skirts.

The resulting appearance was therefore that of a man wearing a large, sleeveless, nylon, knee-length dress.

So now I know why they don’t also wear makeup and high heels with their dresses. They have no idea they even look like men in dresses.

(Photos blurred to simulate silly old fart’s eyesight)


  1. Hell yes! They do look like dresses. Sometimes the tops are so big, and worn outside the shorts, so they essentially are dresses. These guys look stupid, and probably are. I wish people would realize that sports uniforms, sleepwear etc are not acceptable outerwear.

    Put the same guy in a suit and ….hello!!!

  2. Altogether there are too many males everywhere, dressed in flowing robes and other garb that dont show them as “men”.

  3. where can I buy one of those dresses, I would like to buy one for my husband his name is Jerome .he used to live in a place called Whitley BAY. GUESS WHO?

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