An inflatable, all-electric car?

c10706e4b5309bc09cf9d2886ec17bd3-two-pugs-in-an-inflatable-car-somewhere-at-seaI really really really want this to be real. Really.

Inventor Bill Wright is about to present an “e-car” to congress that could turn the car world on it’s head. It has the unfortunate name of XP-Car, but we sincerely hope that it will not be anything like Windows XP.

Details of the concept can be seen at the web site, but here is a copy of their amazing summary of features:

“Not just another electric car, a dramatic new type of ground transportation. Designed to beat all of the production models of GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Tesla, and all other traditionals. As a matter of fact, we have challenged all of them to a contest! In a head-to-head with EVERY regular and electric car in production, our technology is

  • More likely to save your life and protect you, and your family, from injury by a factor of ten over the competitors.
  • Able to look exactly like a “regular car”.. or not, depending on customer inclination.
  • Able to provide America, or any country, with 100% ENERGY INDEPENDENCE and JOBS!
  • Able to return investors money sooner because of a lower factory cost and a lower BOM, by many times, than our competitors.
  • Fueled, in part, by water and energy you can make at home.
  • Able to survive a 30 MPH crash without damage.
  • Faster per dollar.
  • Longer range by many times, (ie: it can drive across the U.S. without turning off the motor)
  • More durable. Even the most extreme body repair work, which it may never need, can be completed in under an hour.
  • Shippable to dealers on more types of carriers with more cars per crate than competitors.
  • Lower cost than any other electric car for the features.
  • More efficient.
  • Able to be supported by dealers with very simple repair and showroom facilities.
  • Faster and lower cost to road certify.
  • Able to be buiilt in lower cost factories with 70% less floorspace and manufacturing equipment which mean lower cost, higher quality cars for our customers.
  • Fueled by quick, hot-swap, cassettes.
  • Less toxic than the EMF battery/power system poisoning and/or gasoline carcinogens you may get from competing systems.
  • More sustainable.
  • Less taxing to the grid and able to operate entirely off the grid in one mode.
  • Easier to maintain by many times because of dramatically less parts to go wrong.
  • Less likely to have mechanical failures by many times because of dramatically less parts to go wrong.

Sound wild? This is actually run-of-the mill technology that industry has used for over 20 years but that our competiitors have not been brave enough to use. We have deployed hundreds of millions of dollars of real world tested materials to bring you a green, sustainable, safe, ultimate transportation machine! Think this is vaporware? Put your-money-where-your-mouth-is and bet us $50,000.00 (Escrow account at Bank of America) on each merit you dispute. We will match you.”

If that sounds amazing, here is their low-budget fantasy YouTube video for the concept:


  1. Seriously. How do they get from the cassette full of tap water stage to the charged battery stage? If it’s not vaporware, it sure as fuck tries hard to look like vaporware. And I ain’t bettin’ my 50K man.

  2. I also really really wanna have this ? In the meantime if “they” would give me some of those millions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ then I could buy a tiny car that I will drive in the I dont do much scootering in the rain.
    Nice dream though !

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