Check Your Panties At The Door

Assistant Vice Principal conducts ‘panty check’ of girls at local high school prom (Opinion)
By Betty Pine

May 2002

An assistant vice principal of Rancho Bernardo High School located in Southern California, conducted a ‘panty check’ on some of the girls the night of the their prom at the high school. A panty check?

Seems she wanted to make sure none of them were wearing thong underwear, or no underwear at all. So, she exposed them by having them lift their dresses up over their heads in front of the throng of onlookers, which of course included many of the young male teens attending.

Let’s see if I understand this; the assistant vice principal exposed the young ladies to make sure with her own eyes they were not going to expose themselves later sans underwear, by doing what exactly? Did she think ( I’m pretty sure she wasn’t doing much ‘thinking’ at the time ) cartwheels on the dance floor? Hand stands?

What gets me is the girls that were asked seemed to have complied with the request. Humiliation, and embarrassment aside, they were probably in shock that they would be asked to do such a senseless act that they were like sheep, just following orders. Who wants to get all dressed up, play princess for the night of their prom and then just go home before getting in the door because some loony woman wants to see under their dress?

This whole thing has so many things wrong with it, I’m afraid I might miss a few. Let’s go through the list:

1. An adult is asking teens to expose themselves to her.

2. This adult is conducting this ‘panty check’ in public view.

3. This adult is in a position of power over the teens, by being their assistant vice principal.

4. This adult upon discovering anyone wearing thong underwear sends them home. I’m sure if anyone was bare naked underneath they too were sent packing. I haven’t heard of any of the girls being without underwear. I wonder if pantyhose with no underwear was ok with the adult?

5. That the girls that were asked to lift their dresses complied. There is something just not right about that. I would have hoped if not all the girls asked, at least one girl would have said, ” Are you nuts? I don’t think so!”, when the adult came to her turn. Then she would have walked right past the loony woman and gone in to the prom. I wonder if she would have been arrested for not exposing herself to the adult? Maybe her parents would have been called to pick her up. That would have been a good thing. Yeah, a dad getting called by a loony woman saying “pick up your daughter, because she wouldn’t comply with a public ‘panty check’, would have been just what was needed in the mix.

6. There were boys at the prom, some of them getting an eyeful of the ‘panty check’. Where was prince charming? Buried under a few hundred milligrams of testosterone, and thinking “They do ‘panty checks’ at the prom? If I’d known that, I’d have gone to all the proms since being a Freshman!” These girls needed rescuing. It’s said that besides the boys and girls, teachers, and other miscellaneous persons attending the prom, (many of those getting a birds-eye view of the proceedings) that there were police there also. Really? Did they know what was going on? I guess they had gone to public high school at one time too, and just thought…”comply with the assistant vice principal, she’s in charge.”

What’s happening now with this loony woman? She is on paid administrative leave after outraged parents, and their teen daughters filed complaints to the school board. There will be an investigation into the allegations. They say that if she did do this, that she overstepped the appropriate boundaries of her position. Ya think? The parents want her fired, or to resign.

In my opinion the parents should file a complaint against the loony woman with the police. Take their complaints outside of the school system. And get a lawyer, if no one else came to these girls rescue, we all know a lawyer will. I love a good rescue.

Copyright 2002 Betty Pine

Betty Pine is publisher of Whimsical Review, an online magazine showcasing some of the best writers, and web sites on the Internet.

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