Zesty Salad Elona

By Raymond J G Wells

In these health conscious times salads are increasingly becoming a more prominent part of the average household’s  diet. “Conventional” side salads, of course, have long been a feature of many cuisines but throwing our conservative instincts to one side and not being squeamish, can result in some delectable salad offerings, which are tasty, healthy and very colorful. Gastronomy, the science of good eating, is all about balance, taste, color and texture and salads can certainly help meet those requirements as well as being as great accompaniment to a savory course.

Soft-fruits such as strawberries, for which the British Isles  are renowned, are traditionally eagerly devoured with a smattering of caster sugar and a whirl of whipped cream. However, strawberries can also be part of a salad and will certainly add color to your creations. How about a nice cucumber and strawberry salad called Salad Elona?

Salad Elona

Here is a recipe, Salad Elona, a cucumber and strawberry salad, which might be considered a tad different and unusual and even an odd combination but it really  works! Throw caution to the wind for this yummy salad goes very well with the likes of cold chicken as well as delicately flavored fish such as  salmon and turbot. It is simplicity itself to prepare!


1 small cucumber

12 large fresh strawberries

2 teaspoons dry white wine or white wine vinegar

Salt and black pepper to taste

Pinch of parsley


First peel the cucumber and slice very thinly. Hull and wash the strawberries and cut them into wafer thin even slices. Arrange in a decorative pattern on a shallow serving dish, so that the colors contrast. Then season lightly with the salt and freshly ground black pepper and sprinkle with the white wine or vinegar. Chill for about one hour before serving and add a pinch of parsley.

There you have it. A zesty, tangy, colorful salad which goes extraordinary well with slices of cold chicken breast or as a accompaniment to Pan Fried Salmon or Grilled Turbot. For vegetarians it could also be a suitable accompaniment to a vegetarian main meal. Finally, open up bottle of chilled white wine and enjoy !

Bon Appetite!

Writer: Raymond Wells is a British born economist and writer currently living and working in Malaysia. He has writing credits in print magazines such as Frequent Traveller, Home & Country,Townswoman and International Living and in on line publications such as Mad Dogs Breakfast, the-vu, Zinos.com, Word Archive.com and Scribe and Quill.

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