The Sparkle Behind Beautiful Eyes

By Kim Knode

Alexandra Roberts, Beautiful Eyes (cosmetics company) CEO curls her 5’10” lanky body into a black leather chair in my apartment. (My humble abode is located across from the Armani Exchange in Santa Monica.

Serendipitously her attire defines the casual elegance of the Italian designer.) Roberts accentuates her trim figure with an ebony cashmere pullover and charcoal light wool slacks coordinated with dark ankle boots. With a toss of her luxurious honey-colored locks, I see the cover girl face of the former Eileen Ford model. She smiles and swears that the correct use of, “cosmetics is like knowing the combination lock to feeling good.”

The make-up company CEO hastens to add, “I believe the philosophy that we are all beautiful on the inside. And I adhere to using all the tools and techniques available to reflect our own individual unique beauty.”

Hot Lashes, Roberts’ invention, is one such tool. New York make-up artists inspired her safe-to-use heated eyelash curler. “They would use the hair dryer on eyelash curlers, ” says the former model.  Why? “To open up the eyes – the windows of the soul,” replies Roberts. She promises me that Hot Lashes will,”A: make you look more awake and B: make your eyes look two to three times larger.”

Apparently she has got QVC audiences convinced. Every Roberts’s appearance on the shopping network produces wildfire Hot Lashes sales. Her clientele includes several celebrities such as the queen of Weight Watchers, Sarah Ferguson.  Cosmopolitan rates the Hot Lashes eyelash curling system in their top 10, “Gotta Have Golds.”  Mademoiselle editors also rave about the product. Fitness researchers report that Roberts’ mascara, which accompanies every eyelash curler, is “smudge- proof even after a five-mile run.” (Beautiful Eyes scientists are currently cooking up other make-up, which survives the marathon day of everyone from model to mom.)

Roberts also conducts experiments on her king-size bed in her beachfront Malibu home.  ” I recommend all women do this,” says the CEO with an impish smile.  “Spread your make-up on the bed – experiment! See what works.” She explains, “Like a designer or architect, look at it as a time to aesthetically train your eye.”

So how does a lady like Roberts go from appearing in glossy ads and steamy Jacuzzi movie scenes with Mel Gibson to a CEO charting sales?  “An accident on a ski trip,” replies Roberts. “I was always waiting for someone like a Revlon” to manufacture the product. So with a little extra time on her hands, the mannequin turned businesswoman.   She hired scientists and started exploring the possibilities of Hot Lashes.

Her modeling career also began serendipitously in Texas where an Eileen Ford agent plucked her as one of the Lone Star State’s rarest roses. Any thoughts of modeling again? I ask. “I wouldn’t seek it, ” says Roberts. She explains, “I’m pretty focused on the Beautiful Eyes business right now.”

Does she still watch her weight with the same eagle eye of her Manhattan days? ” With the years I’ve gotten more disciplined with the honoring of self and form for the sake of health,” says the former model. Roberts maintains that higher self-esteem makes, “cutting out carbs, chips and cookies easier.” She confesses, however, a penchant for chocolate cake. Roberts stresses the fact that, ” my diet isn’t about deprivation.” As part of her self-care program, the Beautiful Eyes CEO takes “brisk walks” on the sands of the Pacific Ocean in Malibu.

If Hot Lashes’ success is any indication, the signs of Roberts rapidly stepping into a future where her beautiful eyes will spot more women adding Beautiful Eyes tools to their daily regimen, looks certain.

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