Learning Curves from Scotsmen

By S.D. Craig

Well, well, well.  Let it be said that I’m even more proud to be part-Scottish now that I’ve read that Scottish men prefer the Titanic’s Kate Winslett over ex-Spice girl Geri Halliwell’s slim look.

My husband has said many times that men look for a woman that can bear them children and women are searching for men who can support them financially, keep them secure.  So, in truth, yes, men are visual and looking at what a woman is built like.  They want sturdy mothers for their babies.  If beauty happens to fall into that range, that’s fine.  It’s not the end all though, believe me.

June research in Scotland shows a fifth of their men prefer Kate Winslett’s shape, while only 11% want a thin woman.  Eleven percent.  Think about that when you next worry about your cellulite and weight, ladies.  More than half of us worry about this in every day life.  That’s a shame, it is.

Especially when one third of British men have no idea what cellulite is, and again, a fifth of them think it’s a type of battery.  Okay.

So here we are, at a crossroads.  That of men admitting they prefer chunky women and yet, here we are, stating eighty percent of females would rather look like Geri.  Oh dear.

I do think men have something over on us, you know.  We need to stop obsessing and worrying about the details of our figures and weight.  Men don’t.  Believe me, baby, when was the last time you saw your man in front of the mirror, twisting and turning and grimacing, only to ask “Babe, do you think this makes me look fat?”  I rest my case.

Women need to let loose, give in to the freedom of being a woman with a womanly curvy body, and kiss the rest goodbye.  Men find their natural shapes (without surgery) much more attractive.

Besides, those curvy women can handle childbirth just fine.  Just ask the Scotsmen.

Ah, who’s that I see packing their bags for Scotland?

With acknowledgement to The Daily Record for the inspirational source for this article

SD Craig is a freelance writer and editor of LovingYourCurves.com and was given the nickname “Chatterbox” by fellow writers. At age fifty, Craigs Southern flair and sense of humor give her plenty to write about with a rapier wit and a wacky outlook. Her articles on body image (her biggest passion), marriage/divorce and relationships, family, friends, career issues, computers, the Internet, horses, baseball, movie reviews and writing tips remind one of Erma Bombeck or Dave Barry. A freelance writer who once juggled five columns then got real, Craig welcomes your e-mails and feedback on her articles. Drop her a hello at sdcraig922@yahoo.com or stop by www.lovingyourcurves.com.


  1. Geri Halliwell is sort of the symbol of Spice Girls. We always love her and we would always be a fan of her.-,~

  2. how could we ever forget Geri Halliwell of Spice Girls, they were very popular in the 90s.;`”

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