Self Massage Techniques

By Kim Draper

Most people that instinctively rub their necks and shoulders when their muscles are sore and tense have no idea they are employing a self healing technique called self-massage. Generally people that are in good health are unaware that doing self-massage every day can also help prevent disease. If you are sick massage can initiate and sustain the healing process.

A primary benefit of this technique is that it can be combined with other healing methods to enhance their effectiveness. Performed slowly, and carefully, self-massage relaxes the body. Performed quickly, it lessens fatigue and revitalizes the body.

The Effects:

Massage helps stimulate blood flow, therefore relaxing tense muscles and relieving pain. It is also said, massage may also help heal an injury by bringing fresh oxygen to the affected tissues. This all depends on the techniques used, self-massage can stimulate or relax the body.


There are several different techniques that can be applied for a self-massage:

Rubbing: Rub your muscles with your hands or fingers in a circular motion, this will help stimulate circulation and release tense muscles.

Kneading: Using a little warm pure vegetable oil or lubricant knead your muscles as if you were working with bread dough.

Vibrating: Use rhythmic knocking or light slapping, preferably with flat hands, to improve blood circulation and relax muscles.

Final Stroking: End every massage with gentle stokes, slowly moving outward.

The Treatment:

Begin each massage by gently stroking the skin. Then, either using one or both hands, start rubbing your muscles. When using two hands, move then together or alternate between them. In general, work with strokes toward the heart. Allow 20 minutes for a massage.

Be sure to take care before beginning the massage, in areas where the skin is red or painful, massage outward, being careful not to apply to much pressure. Where areas are pale these should be stimulated with an energetic massage.

About Kim Draper.
I am the mother of two teenage boys and the wife of a dear and wonderful man, who has a great amount of patience with me while I write and enjoy all of my other hobbies. I am a full time Executive Secretary for the City of Cedar Hill Economic Development Department (Texas, USA)  Writing has always been a hobby of mine, I enjoy writing poetry, non-fiction, fiction, and the infamous how-to articles.  I have always felt that if you know how to do something or if you have information that would benefit other people, then write it down and pass it out.  My other hobbies include, growing my own herbs, making soap, candles, and just about anything that is all natural.  I am also a certified Aromatherapist with a background in Massage Therapy and Chinese Medicine.  My motto is: you are never to old to learn new things, so I will keep on reading and studying and hopefully supply you with answers to your unanswered questions on as many topics as I can.

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