Loving Your Curves

By S.D. Craig

Have you fought your weight all your life?  I know the feeling.  Why can’t we just give up and love ourselves?  Quit comparing skin with Jennifer Love Hewitt or some other tiny thing?  For once, I’d like to see someone more normal on Friends.  Do they have to be THAT attractive?

I, for one, welcomed Rosanne, a thicker Cybill, Rosie, and the rest.  And Rose of the Titanic fame was a normal size.  She even floated!

Is it this world and the way they view women that are larger?  Our upbringing?  What we read, see on TV and the movies?

It’s all of these things.  Society has drilled into our heads for decades we need to be thin, thin, thin.  Do you remember seeing many itty bitty pioneer women?  And the nudes on the paintings years ago?  No way.

Family who are concerned over your health, your living longer, sometimes do more harm than good with their comments and suggestions.  Don’t they know SUPPORT is the key?

Why not stand up for women with substance?  There’s more to love.  I really enjoy the articles in Mode magazine, too.  Cheers to curvaceous ladies.  Reading that magazine makes me feel good as a woman.

My husband thinks soft bellies and voluptuous lines, big breasts and acres of creamy skin is what a woman is all about.  He loves curves and something to grab on to.  Am I ever lucky?  You bet.


I mean, somewhere after giving birth, the body just relocates where it wants to.  Some friend once told me it just shifts to a new shape with each kid.  ARGH!  So I stopped at two daughters.

I have found that enjoying life means enjoying food, too, for me.  I love eating out, having some man slave over the chef’s stove in the back of a restaurant for me.  Ain’t life grand?  I mean, what woman doesn’t want to hear these words on a Friday night, “Would you like to eat out, honey?”  Hooray!  Was it written on my face?

And doesn’t exercise play a much more important role in your life than you ever dreamed in high school?  So much I took for granted back then, the daily horseback rides after school, the sports we played, the walk to the bus stop.  Then, you graduate, and poof.  It’s all over, you go to work, have babies, and (is that what Baby Boomer means, they’re talking about our body?) expand.  Also, you forget to exercise.

I began walking seriously in the Fall of ’93 and walk five or six days a week, at least 2-3 miles.  Walking does one obvious thing for me — I’m a *firm* big gal.  Most people think I weigh 80 pounds less than I do.  Walking keeps me going, gives me hope, keeps me in check.  It makes me feel good about what I’m doing for myself.  Being a writer, I take time and smell  the outdoors, see the flowers bloom, admire the dew of a fresh rain, and am amazed at storm clouds gathering.

Yes, weight is always a battle.  The scales (who the hell invented those dreadful pieces of metal anyway?) leer up at me after every weekend.  You bet I own stock in New Balance shoes and walking shorts/pants.

Am I yet at peace with being a larger woman?  I’m trying.  I am also still trying to be a smaller big woman.  But I strive for happiness as I go…

Next time you look in the mirror, embrace the curves.  As your husband puts his arms around you and finds softness, be glad.  He needs a cushion from the real world and you are it.  You are beautiful and worthy, any way you want to be.

Let’s celebrate women with curves!

SD Craig is a freelance writer and editor of LovingYourCurves.com and was given the nickname “Chatterbox” by fellow writers. At age fifty, Craigs Southern flair and sense of humor give her plenty to write about with a rapier wit and a wacky outlook. Her articles on body image (her biggest passion), marriage/divorce and relationships, family, friends, career issues, computers, the Internet, horses, baseball, movie reviews and writing tips remind one of Erma Bombeck or Dave Barry. A freelance writer who once juggled five columns then got real, Craig welcomes your e-mails and feedback on her articles. Drop her a hello at sdcraig922@yahoo.com or stop by www.lovingyourcurves.com.

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