Check Out Czech Beer.

By Raymond J G Wells

Beer connoisseurs consider that the Czech Republic produces some of the very finest beers in the world. A Czech Pilsner such as Budweiser Budvar 12 %, a Pilsner Urquell, or a Domazlice Purkmistr, takes a heck of a lot of beating. All these illustrious beers are there to be enjoyed in Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic, which is fast becoming a major tourist destination.
There is good news: increasingly great beers like Pilsner Urquell and Budweiser Budvar are obtainable in the United States and most of the countries of Western Europe. Beer drinkers know a good thing when they see it!

In essence Czech beer is of two main types : viz, light (swelte) and dark (cerne). Historically the lights ruled the roost but in recent years the dark beers have gained considerably in popularity. There are also a few flavored beers as well.

There is more good news about the good news. Beer prices in most pubs in the Czech Republic are comparatively inexpensive, compared to countries in Western Europe. There are a few touristy city center joints which have upped their prices but in traditional taverns you will still be amazed at how cheap Czech beer is.

You will find most of the taverns offer not only outstandingly good beer but also serve hearty, mittel-European fare such as goulash, pork schnitzel, sausages, dumplings and some vegetarian food can often be found.

The Czech Republic, you might be surprised to know, ranks number one in the world for per capita beer consumption. The first beer museum was established there as well. The original pilsner was also first brewed in 1842 in Pilsen in the Czech Republic.

If I had to pick the two greatest Czech beers I think I would go for Pilsner Urquell -the pioneer pilsner- and Budweiser Budvar but ask another ten visitors to Prague and you might well get ten different answers. All of the Czech beers, however, are virtually guaranteed to offer a full flavored smoothness.

They will skillfully emphasize the two main flavor components: hops and malt. What better on a hot summer’s day than a golden color beer from the Czech Republic! Check them out, you won’t regret doing so !

Writer: Raymond Wells is a British born economist and writer currently living and working in Malaysia. He has writing credits in print magazines such as Frequent Traveller, Home & Country,Townswoman and International Living and in on line publications such as Mad Dogs Breakfast, the-vu,, Word and Scribe and Quill.

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